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    2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)

    Comparing a real situation to an absurd situation that didn’t happen is quite odd. I take it that’s your defence of saying junior GSs should be taken away. And I have no idea why you think it’s unfair. You have to be responsible for your actions. Djokovic trotted out his usual speech of...
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    New Angell: ASL3!

    Many thanks for your views, much appreciated. Will take a look at the K7 Red.
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    2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)

    I'm aware of the incident. Just not sure of your comment re "stripped of the junior GS". What did you mean by that?
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    2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)

    And this all happened because Novak tried a stupid drop shot rather than put the break away.
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    2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)

    Right decision. You can’t do that.
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    2020 US Open General Discussion (ATP)

    You need to explain this more. I don’t understand whether you’re saying Edberg should have been stripped of the junior GS? Just confirm what you mean before you get a major beatdown.
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    New Angell: ASL3!

    Hi All Bought a matched pair of ASL3s a while back (lockdown boredom) and need some advice. Getting a resurgence of elbow issues. I'd been playing with PS97 CVs with a bit of extra weight under the trap and some lead over the PWS bumps. I found this setup pretty arm friendly but getting...
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    Comparing Murray's stats to Edberg/Becker

    Kind of my point when I stated the difference in equipment and technology.
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    Comparing Murray's stats to Edberg/Becker

    Kind of agree. Replace the word rackets with strings and you’re onto something. I know that modern racket technology is required for the strings, but it’s how the strings interact with the ball that’s changed the game. Murray vs Edberg or Becker with modern equipment (including balls), Murray...
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    Tsonga has a higher peak than Federer at the Australian open

    Couldn't agree more with the OP. Sadly Tsonga's future opportunities for greatness were scuppered by the dark forces of the game, otherwise what a different world we'd be living in. When Fed realised the threat he had Wilson change all of Tsongas rackets by adding 25g of lead at 12 o'clock...
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    Abusive behaviour, promoting competitors, generally being an idiot. The rules are here somewhere. Also, don't talk about what gets you banned because that is likely to get you banned.
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    how arm-friendly is Dunlop 100?

    I had the AG100s, fitted with a leather grip and natural gut mains. Have to say I loved the thought of playing with those rackets but I agree with you it wasn't as plush as my 200Tours. Also didn't feel as stable, compared to some of my other rackets they almost felt hollow. I ended up...
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    Tension for tie-offs

    It is all personal preference. I tend to avoid it with my little crank machine, simply because I might forget to put the tension back down again afterwards!
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    Novak, Rafa + Andy will dominate for the next 2-3 years unless someone else steps up

    Yes, they suck at the moment but nobody knows what is around the corner. Federer went from being good to becoming great at the right time - the saviour of men's tennis. I think the ATP breathed a sigh of relief when he started winning majors.
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    What is going to be the last Djokovic's year as a top contender?

    I think he'll be winning slams in his early 30s. Too much game, looks after himself nowadays, therefore good chance of longevity.