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    andy murray overgrip

    It's a paintjob for sure!
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    Viktor Troicki's frame specs...

    Bro I'm about to study math at university but I'm pretty certain I wouldn't do just as bad if not worse than Power Player with the US inches/pounds/whatever units, sorry :(
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    How would Borg have fared in this slow era?

    Borg would be target practice. Don't get me wrong, Borg is amazing because of what he did for the sport but sports have changed drastically over the last 30 years. It's a different game.
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    No1e's Racquet

    This weight seems consistent with the weight that Greg Raven has listed - 360g. The balance and SW there are 32.0cm and 370 if I remember correctly so don't be surprised tomorrow when Fab says he measured it three times and it came out 320mm 321mm and 322 mm.
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    If Nadal wins 14 slams, would he leapfrog over Sampras in terms of Greatness?

    LOL LOL LOOOOOL Man are you kidding I seriously hope you are. Please tell me you're kidding. Sampras played in the best era look at his competition. Nadal played in an ear of pretty boys. That's right, Murray and Jokeovic.
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    Pironkova looks good, will win modeling contracts

    You can see her boyfriend in the last picture LD
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    Federer changed butt cap

    Ron Yu already said that since Federer's racquets come without a handle and buttcap P1 fits his custom handle and puts whatever Wilson buttcap they have for that grip size. So now they've run out of Pro Staff butt caps, they've run out of N6.1 buttcaps and they're short on BLX 6.1 buttcaps so...
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    Nadals Aeropro and gossip

    It's generally inadvisable to customize your stick to some pro's specs because their customization takes in mind their weight, height, appendix length, strength, speed, etc.
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    are there any pros who play stock frames without tuning?

    diadorakuerten, I've heard the same from other posters so it's very likely. But then Greg Raven has his racquet at 380 SW which is impossible without lead tape.
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    are there any pros who play stock frames without tuning?

    A lot of the 90s pros used stock racquets. Of course racquets back then were heavier so there wasn't any need for lead
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    Raonic Loose String Tension

    Lemoned, no need to link to other threads since cork screw is not asking what his tension is, he's clearly stating what it is. BTW Dimitrov strings at 40/42 as well so maybe it's just the new school guys who grew up playing full poly
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    Beautiful pictures of pro-stock frames (Haas, Berdych, Melzer, PT57F)

    Nice to known the "default" lead tape location in the head is at 3/9 and 12
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    Do YOU WANT to see Novak dominating the game for a few years?

    if he dominates the sport for a few years I'll give it up for good
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    Found a picture of the court that Nadal trains on.

    The kitchen is Baghdatis'. The two bedrooms are muray's The cigar room is Tipsarevic's. The club is co-owned by Gulbis and Gasquet. BEST THREAD EVER!
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    Djokovic's Lead

    Bjorn Borg has the same lead application on the custom racquets in one of the threads in this section. Djokovic started having visible lead at 3/9 c.a. Wimbledon 2010 and has been successful since. Just shows that adding lead under the bumper isn't necessarily better as the WTA would like us to...