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    Djokovic can already become the GOAT in the next slam

    Fed did rack up 12 slams during a weak era, so when you subtract that from his total, you get 8 real majors. So Novak winning the French would be monumental because he won the NCYGS twice (one thing Fed didn't do) and won 16 majors, which is Fed's 8 real majors times 2/twice. Thanks for your...
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    A proposal to correct past players' GS tally

    Great list, you should consider adjusting for slams missed due to injury as well, which would give Pete at least 15, though as high as 20.
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    A big pie in the face of "weak era" theorists!

    So your argument is essentially: this era is pathetically weak, therefore Fed's era must be good! And also, Fed won zero slams this year, went out to Tsonga IIRC, so what does that say about him?
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    Federer has the highest peak ever

    He was in god mode because he was playing mental Smurfs. Even Annacone said Fed never really needed to develope a game plan because no great playera emerged after Sampras and Agassi retired.
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    The factors that weigh in the GOAT debate.

    1,2,4 are subjective perceptions created by Fed's genuine talent and Nike's big bucks, as well as a legion of "journalists" who wish they could be athletes. 3 is due to homogenization, once Nole or Nadal break the slam record nobody will much care that Fed made 4th place 23 times in a row.
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    What would be best for tennis

    I think @KINGROGER will take up that mantle in time.
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    Federer has the highest peak ever

    Lol funny that this mythically good peak Fed disappeared once his cupcake rivals retired, grew up or gave up.
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    Prime Nadal vs Prime Sampras at the French Open - Only Sampras Serves - Who Wins?

    Lol and Sampras fans are supposed to be the worst, you see insulting threads like this specifically meant to demean Pete and wonder why certain Sampras fans become embittered. But back to the OP, I'll answer the "question" with one of my own. Federer v Nadal in a *hardcourt* major, only Federer...
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    2010 Us Open vs Federer.. Djoker most focused match

    Novak played well and deserved the win, especially with how he saved a match point with a crazy swinging forehand volley, but Fed also wussed out because he was more Afraiderer of losing to Nadal in the next round than losing to someone he thought he had under his thumb at the time. Big mistake...
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    Djokovic can already become the GOAT in the next slam

    Federer had the advantage of establishing mental and h2h dominance over a young, inexperienced Nole, which more than balances out the wins Nole picked up against a very well established, ATG 30 and up year old Fed. The embarassment isn't so much the record itself, its more what it shows: Fed is...
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    For me, Fed has surpassed Jordan, Brady and Gretzky

    I don't think those guys were consistently owned by their rivals though
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    H2Hs explained

    Basically, if Federer has a losing record, there's a multitude of excuses as to why.
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    Unbroken Sampras Records

    I imagine this will be the general consensus towards Federer's "amazing" streaks once Nole surpasses his slam count. Heck most people don't mention them that much anymore already.