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    At Thiem's age...

    and Wawrinka had 0 slams
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    Rafa needs Medvedev.

    If Rafa is to advance no matter if he wins or loses vs Tsitsipas… he relies on Medvedev to win vs Zverev. So his efforts vs Tsitsipas does not matter... he can tank it and save himself from injuries
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    Sampras 1998 vs Federer 2008

    lets not forget pistol skipped the aussie open i dont see federer do that.
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    Who was the true no1 in 2003?

    wheres agassi on that list? he won a major too
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    USTA to offer live streaming of Federer v Sampras

    try much better quality
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    hey laurie

    I heard that they were shutting down Stage6
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    hey laurie

    dont worry be happy
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    Does anybody know who this guy is/was?

    it is stich heres a better view:
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    hey laurie

    Leave Laurie alone man, i can see the ball just fine on YouTube. If i can then you can too...
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    guga farewell
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    Better Career: Guga vs Rafter

    H2H 4-4 2001 Indianapolis IN, U.S.A. Hard F Rafter 4-2 RET 2001 Cincinnati TMS Ohio, USA Hard F Kuerten 6-1 6-3 2001 AUS v BRA WG QF Florianapolis Clay RR Kuerten 4-6 6-4 7-6(1) 2-1 RET 2000 Paris Indoor France Carpet R16 Kuerten 6-4 7-6(4) 2000 Lyon France Carpet...
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    Marat Safin in 1998 (Video)

    Interesting match at the 1998 French Open between Safin and Pioline. Enjoy!
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    Are we gonna see new Safin-Sampras Final?

    meaning young up and coming tsonga destroying the legend federer in final?
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    Is Mary Carillo good for tennis??... Not Any More!!

    she was just keepin it real...and thats necessary