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    Congrats to Sock, but try to match his line of opponents in Paris

    Not so sure about that, but he beat everyone that was put in front of him.
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    Congrats to Sock, but try to match his line of opponents in Paris

    Not so sure about that, but he beat everyone that was put in front of him.
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    2017 US Open - general discussion thread

    You can't be that surprised.
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    Babolat Pure Control Tour

    Yes. Previously I had 4 grams at 3 and 9, along with 3 grams on the handle. I was getting better plow thru, spin and depth on groundstrokes. But it was a little sluggish when I was backing up to hit balls right of the baseline. I now have 1.5 grams at 12 and 6, along with 3 grams at...
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    1 most painful loss for all time greats..

    Medvedev lost on another front, during the '99 FO. Those hideous shorts of his had to be a precursor(or inspiration) for Wawrinka's this year.
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    Most 'Solid' Racquet You've Ever Played With?

    As far as current sticks go, the Wilson 95 18x20.
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    Powershares Series with Jimmy Connors

    I understand what you're saying. People are still drawn to Connors and what he has meant to the sport. But it's legitimate to expect an entertaining level of play from legends who played tennis for a living and it seems that Connors is not up to it. Hard to watch him play a competitive...
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    Volkl Cyclone causes arm pains?

    My go to hybrid in the past was Volkl Cyclone 18g in mains and Isospeed Control+ 1.30 in crosses. I've been testing V Torque 17g in mains and still using the Isospeed Control+ in crosses. The V torque felt stiffer to me, but I think it might produce even more spin than Cyclone or Cyclone...
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    Is Djokovic ALREADY better than Agassi, Connors, and McEnroe?

    LOL!! That was great! Spot on. The only reason they didn't use MTOs? Because they didn't exist!!
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    Volkl Cyclone causes arm pains?

    Yep. Full bed of Cyclone 18g is heaven. I string my own and Cyclone 18g is the only poly I've ever bought in a reel. Spin is outrageous, with excellent control and power. Comfortable as well.
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    Volkl Cyclone causes arm pains?

    Deep down, we all know that Cyclone is the king of hybrid polys. In all honesty, I prefer Cyclone over Cyclone Tour. I am now in the process of testing Volkl V Torque. But I wouldn't bet on it coming out on top against Cyclone.
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    What the hell happened to Ryan Harrison?

    Finally, somebody is on the right track. You really hit it on the head, bluetrain. An honest and objective take on Harrison and the issues plaguing American tennis. There has been no indication that Harrison is the next Roddick, Agassi or Sampras. But since we(Americans) are so starved for...
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    Donnay X Blue 94

    The Blue 99 and Blue 94 are rare. You can find them on E**y, but they are expensive. Used $140 to $175. New(unused) $200 to $300. The new 'excuse' for raising the price? Donnay x-series and Dual Core racquets 'customized for Jim Courier' or another current or former pro player. Those may...
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    If you could restructure tennis history...

    Forget all those guys. I would make myself the greatest tennis player in history!!!
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    Federer played poor strategy yesterday

    Yeah, this is something I noticed as well. Do you think it's the pressure to hit an effective 1st volley? Sure, Djoker has some of the greatest passing shots in history. But should any player be able to dig out 3 or 4 volleys and have the balance to hit a passing shot on grass? Many times it...