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    Solved - why Europeans dominate tennis

    That's silly. The US Open has admitted to slowing the US Open down twice since 2003. Hence that awful Djoker-nadal final where neither could hit winners or hit aces.
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    Solved - why Europeans dominate tennis

    The U.S. Open slowed their courts down TWICE since Roddick won it in 2003. What other country would purposely hurt it's own players like that? The U.S. open surface is like mud now.
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    Raonic is like Sampras playing on a pair of stilts

    You didn't see much of the 90's
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    Raonic is like Sampras playing on a pair of stilts

    Raonic is the same as Sampras except they are very dissimilar.
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    Is Connors the worst of the Legends?

    I find his distinction of winning the US Open on three surfaces to be very very impressive. He beat a legend on grass in Rosewall. He won the 1976 final on clay over Borg and beat him on cement in '78. He also beat perhaps the greatest hard court player of all time back to back in Ivan Lendl...
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    1988-1989 Men's U.S. Open footage?

    Looking at Andres serve the courts played much faster back then
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    RIP, Bud Collins.

    RIP. A great ambassador for our sport.
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    Is Djokovic a one-slam wonder?

    He fixed his serve and has become a great player.
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    Djokovic's game was the ugliest ever from a US champion

    It wasn't a great match. Every match can't be of epic quality. Neither played great. Reminded me of the 1989 final (Becker-Lendl) in terms of average play and nerves.
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    Who is the least liked No. 1 in the Open Era?

    I agree. Connors was LOVED by many fans. A good portion of the press was entertained by him too. His peers hated him but that was OK because he hated them too.
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    Who is the least liked No. 1 in the Open Era?

    I vote Lendl. His fellow players couldn't stand him. The press and the fans didn't much care about him either.
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    US Open Women's QF: Serena[1] vs. Venus[23]

    I don't think Petra moves well enough to beat Serena on a hard court.
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    How inferior are tennis players as athletes to basketball players?

    You know I have been noticing that too. In isolation he doesn't normally blow by his defender.
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    Wawrinka was hugged too much as a child

    Stan sort of looks like a werewolf.
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    ESPN Done With The French Open

    They refused to move from Roland Garros but aren't they doing a huge upgrade? From what I understand they should have moved to a new location but decided not to.