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    How to stop sweat showing

    Simple, play without a shirt!!!!!
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    truth in rumor to yonex re-releasing old frames?

    exactly when did wilson re-introduced the hammer 6.2? TW is usually up on these things and often the first or the only ones to carry reintroduced frames like the POG LB and prestige. I have not seen tw mention about the 6.2 being reintroduced.
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    Salted or Unsalted Peanuts

    I like mine unslated, but chocolate coated.
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    The New Anna Kournakova Tennis Shoe!!
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    Did I buy a real St. Vincent?

    Wow that much? How much do you all think gmlasam's st. vincent would go for from the pics and description from this thread?
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    Any Duran Duran/Kajagoogoo fans here?

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally found someone who knows his guitar players. You are one of a few that actually know who Gary Moore! is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be a serious guitar player or a person who knows very techinical guitar players. Since you know Gary Moore, you must also know Vivian...
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    To: TW and others re Bungalo Bill

    I've always thought you were Asian Rickson????:confused:
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    Any Duran Duran/Kajagoogoo fans here?

    Yes!!! My older siblings grew up and listened to 80s music ranging from new wave to metal. We had music around the house all the time. But, I kinda lean towards more 80's metal or 60s, 70s, 80s and some 90s hard rock/metal music. The new rock music kinda suck as far as techinical musicianship...
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    Any Duran Duran/Kajagoogoo fans here?

    Tenny, Did you also like "Powerstation" formed by Andy and John Taylor with Robert Palmer back in the mid 80's? Yes, Duran, Duran is a great band. Rio is a classic.
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    Google Earth

    I disagree. My neighbor extended his house over the summer, and the construction was pictured in google earth one month ago. I think the pics are pretty current and accurate.
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    How much do you pay for tennis balls?

    $1.49 for wilson championsship per canister of 3 $1.99 for penn and dunlop championship per canister of 3 .99 cents for X Penn balls or you can purchase a case of 24 cansisters of 3 balls for $24.00. Great for practice balls for ball machines.
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    What is your love making song of choice?

    "Who Let The Dogs Out" by Baha Men is my love making song of choice.:mrgreen:
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    Main Difference Between Europe and USA

    Hey Everyone!!!! Give it up for Capt. Willie!!! Capt. Willie is in the HOUSE!!!! :)
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    Main Difference Between Europe and USA

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    Main Difference Between Europe and USA