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    Will you ever like someone betterer than Federer?

    I believe that Federer is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, so I am not confident that there will be another one like him for a long time. It is going to be hard not to look back and think, "In the days of Federer ..." in much the same way that older people think, "In the days of Laver and Rosewall...
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    The definitive explanation of why the Federer Nadal head-to-head is bogus

    Thanks very much for gathering the data and doing the painstaking analysis, and slicing the data in different ways to confirm / deny the hypothesis. You are an asset to this forum! You know what would be really cool? For the deniers, one might construct a hypothesis testing problem with the...
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    What did Federer do for tennis?

    Federer did something very bad for tennis. He showed us that tennis can be beautiful. Unfortunately, after watching Roger, everyone else looks like an ugly hack trying unsuccessfully to master this tennis thing. :-)
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    Top 5 most respected posters?

    Thank you!
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    Its Nadal or never...

    As much as I feel bad for Nadal as he attempts to swim against the inevitable tide, it is quite strange to see all the starry-eyed Nadal fans turning contemplative and almost rational.
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    No longer a Fed fan after tonight....

    I'm still gutted after watching that final. Damned if I could forget all those breakpoints that went abegging !
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    Was Rafael Nadal Suffering From Hubris?

    Francis Levy is so stunningly, idiotically, far off the mark that it is laughable. The words "Nadal" and "hubris" don't belong in the same sentence. Nadal has flaws, but overconfidence and a superiority complex are not in that list. Clearly, reading Aristotle does not seem to have resulted in...
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    Federer surprise retirement with USO Title?

    No. Federer's problem (and our great fortune) is that he seems to like the game too much for his own good.
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    2006 Roger Federer v 2011 Novak Djokovic

    As it is at the US Open, 2006 Federer over 2015 Djokovic in 4 sets. If it was the 2004 US Open (coach-less) Federer version, that would be even quicker: 3 straight, possibly including a bagel or a breadstick. Fed was a monster in that USO. All this is mere speculation, and probably very...
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    Will Roger's SABR (Kamikaze ROS) be effective at USO?

    I hope that what you say is true, and that Roger carries this tactic to #18 !! That would be like trolling the ATP for two tournaments in a row :-) . However, if I was in the opponent's place, and I knew that Mr. Federer is likely to give me the charge, the first thing I would think of is: (1)...
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    Will Roger's SABR (Kamikaze ROS) be effective at USO?

    I think he will use it less frequently at the USO, given the speed difference between USO and Cincy. I doubt that anyone is good enough from the forecourt to adopt it. Most likely yes. Becker looked like he had crapped his pants when Federer had the gall to try the tactic against Djokovic...
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    Rodge's New Return Tactic

    Last I heard, Cincy was the Real Slam, not a rinkydink title. The dude just trolled his way to a Masters 1000 title, and made Becker look like he had crapped his pants, and all you can come up with is "suicidal"?
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    Will roof benefit Roger tomorrow?

    Novak is no slouch indoors. Even if the roof closes, I expect no let-up from him.
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    Are 2 Serena slams > 1 CYGS?

    Wait: Winning 4 in a row in a single year = high pressure, but winning 4 in a row across years = non-existent pressure. Did you write that just for dramatic effect? Because if you didn't, that was a pretty daft thing to come up with.
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    Are 2 Serena slams > 1 CYGS?

    In my book, 1 Serena Slam = 1 CYGS, so, 2 Serena Slams = 2 CYGS. The yearly interval is just a made up artifact. A Serena Slam is every bit as monumental as the CYGS. I don't care how anybody else slices it. And I'm not even a fan.