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    Recommended Racket for Aggressive Baseliner (Advanced)

    Head Extreme tour. I'm 4.5 ish in the UK (using USA system, it's different in the UK) It offers perfect the blend of spin and control. It's like a Radical mated with an Extreme.
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    What does 'rev' mean?

    Cheers, Teg
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    What does 'rev' mean?

    Hi folks, what does 'rev' mean with regards to racket specs? ie Rev Instinct, Rev Prestige etc? Cheers, Paul
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    New to polys

    I'm a big of Head Lynx as a soft poly. Soft and slippery. Great as a main or a cross. Very affordable too
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    Round Poly Recommendations (Crisp, predictable, 1.2 gauge or less)

    Head Lynx is fantastic. Very underrated. MSV Co focus too - 1.18
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    Poly and volley

    I stopped using full poly for that very reason. I play a lot of 4.5 ish doubles (UK so different system). Switched to hybrid now, touch more feel
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    Weird tie off labelling on Microgel Prestige Pro

    Cheers folks. Just wanted to check that I wasn't going mad :) Cheers, Paul
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    Weird tie off labelling on Microgel Prestige Pro

    Yup. It has four MAINS tie offs, not crosses. Two at the top and two at the bottom. Four clearly labelled mains tie off
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    Weird tie off labelling on Microgel Prestige Pro

    Hi guys. Strung a Microgel Prestige Pro earlier - two piece Followed previous string job and USTA recommendation. Yet on the racket it had two mains labelled tie offs on the top and two crosses as per the recommendation. And another two mains labelled tie offs on the bottom where the...
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    What's a racquet that is between Clash 98 and Blade 98?

    Extreme Tour fits the bill. It's fantastic. I switched from Extreme MP to the tour. Really helped me. Still powerful enough, stacks of spin and a bit more control. I'm a 4.5 ish using the American rating system. I added a touch of weight at 3 and 9 for a bit of help on the first volley
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    Offering value for money for customers

    Do you guys ever string Synthetic Gut 1.25mm for clients? Or is it not as good value for money as a 1.3mm synthetic gut? I always try to offer the best value/ longevity with synthetic gut. I'd welcome your thoughts. Cheers, Paul
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    Unexpected benefit of larger grip size

    Recently increased my grip size from 2 to 3 on all of my rackets. And as well as improving my stroke, it has also increased the durability of my overgrips. Tourna Mega Tac used to shred (at the buttcap edge) in an hour with a smaller grip size. It now lasts 4 or five hours. I'm happy
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    Head 360+ in MP - Speed or Radical

    I found the Speed more comfortable. Radical is jarring off centre. Probably due to the the 98 head size compared to the 100 of the speed
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    Low powered and stable but good spin racquet

    I've switched to the Extreme Tour. It isn't super powerful I wouldn't say. Plays similar to a Radical ish
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    Muted feel of a Racquet

    Hi Day Light Blue. What is IRL? Is it another forum? Cheers, Paul