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    Can we all agree on one moral victory that differed from the result?

    Is that the one where Djokovic took the strategic timeout to stop the momentum? What a complete reversal.... really threw Fed out of his groove starting the 5th. Those last two sets were quite a roller coaster.
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    Ranking the Big 4 in Each Department

    a few disagreements, but mostly looks good to me Murray serve return > Nadal Federer forehand > Nadal except on clay Murray volley > Djokovic Federer overhead > Nadal
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    Most bagels dished of all time

    I guess they are coming in 2018..? idk :p
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    Most bagels dished of all time

    Kind of bizarre that their slam count lines up perfectly with active years on tour...
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    Most bagels dished of all time

    in order to bagel someone you have to be able to break serve, not just win tiebreaks ;)
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    Time to scrap the WTF

    Maybe it's time to scrap year-long conditions suited to defensive grinding instead.
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    No way

    I always thought the mysterious back injury just as he was about to take the #1 ranking in Cincinnati was suspicious. The way the whole end of the season unfolded seems similarly contrived but who knows...
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    Why do Federer and Nadal fans ignore all of the evidence?

    Djokovic's era was so tough his biggest competitors for much of his peak were 5-years-past-his-prime Papa Federer and all-time-great Muzzah. :rolleyes: In all seriousness, how do "weak era" proponents not see that for much of Nadal and especially Djokovic's dominant periods, literally their...
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    Fed fans: Were you happier after FO09 or AO17?

    It is possible to add one still, should you care to
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    Turning in my FEDAL UNITED fan club badge: Not happy w Rafa

    Not so sure about that, he took 3 weeks off after the USO, and 2 more after Shanghai. That doesn't sound like overplaying. But I do agree Roger was smart to prioritize longevity as he always has.
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    Which in form player does Federer feat most from Group B at WTF?

    On this surface he fears none of them, but Rafa is still Rafa and as Annacone said, don't underestimate the great players
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    Fed fans: Were you happier after FO09 or AO17?

    where's the poll? AO17 by a significant margin for me
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    Pat Cash : I have heard Nadal say this numerous times. Stop complaining !

    Typical form... instead of adapting and changing things in his game, he expects the game and the rules to change for him. Nothing new here.