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  • barefoot on clay? and what about hardcourt, what do you play in on hc? Hope you can help.... Best regards Kristian
    ....shoes for tennis. I get knee pain, sometimes lower back pain too from various tennis shoes because they are so different from running and moving in vivobarefoot. recently I actually got inspired from one of your posts where you wrote that you play barefoot on the clay. I tried that but guess it might be a problem in competetive matches. So my question is did you find some shoes you like or are you still playing b
    Hi Povl. I dont know if you are danish, it seems like a danish name. But I write in english to be sure :-) I write to you because I see that you have the same problems as me... I play a LOT of tennis at a quite high level but I have a problem finding tennis shoes. Outside the court I only wear vivobarefoot shoes as my knees and back loves those shoes and the barefoot feeling/benefits. But its so hard for me to find
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