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    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    + the following matches against Rafa
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    Guga Kuerten no replacement grip

    Me. I play RF97 a grip size up (4) and two Wilson pro overgrips. Gives me a 340 gram strung RF about 6 pts head light.
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    Why do all pros seem to use white overgrips (besides tourna)?

    Because if that would make them earn just 1% of Federer, it would be more than 1 mill. a year.
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    Most Idiotic Post-Match Interview Question

    I have never lost to Federer, I will just retire.
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    Prepaire: No amount of titles or records can be comPaired to Benoits Paire

    His saireving is taireibly impaired. A most impairefect gaime.
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    Thomas Muster Racquet

    Was hoping for a video!
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    Pro Staff 97 Grommets

    But now I put my red/black on top of my black RF. And I am pretty sure that the string spacing is slightly different too. The crosses extend a couple of mms more towards the bottom of the frame, so there is a slightly wider string spacing in the lower crosses. Others might want to chime in, but...
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    Pro Staff 97 Grommets

    Interesting. I noticed the grommet on my red/black RF is different than on my black. The grommet on the black is a bit more solid/wider, has more material in it. So actually, I was thinking about ordering the black grommet, because my red/black racket feels a bit lighter than the black one, and...
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    Low static weight hefty swingweight head heavy racket

    Carlos Moya comes to mind.
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    Thomas Muster Racquet

    Strung, it should be more or less evenly weighted and a massive sw
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    What Grip Size are you Using?

    4 3/8 with overgrip is about right for me. But my last 3 rackets, I have bought 4 1/2, taken of the grip and play with just two overgrips (Wilson Pro). The feel is about the same as leather with an overgrip. I can fine tune grip size by combining Comfort and Sensation overgrips (different...
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    Why did Roger Quickly dismiss the tuxedo RF97?

    I do not think I posted any theories, just facts. Apart from the obvious assumption that Wilson was not pleased with his dumping of a new model.