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    What Nadal achieved this week...

    Huge win for Rafa. Congrats.
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    Majors won after age 28

    Some players are prodigies that do more winning than anyone else at a young age. Some players hit their stride and perform better at a later age. Different strokes for different folks and everyone is different.
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    Djokovic News

    That 2005 Wimby final between Venus and Lindsay is one for the ages. Loved that match. I thought it was mostly high quality and both players were hitting HARD (and accurately). Great drama too.
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    Djokovic News

    That time Novak couldn't find his car...
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    Your personal favourite shot of Novak Djokovic

    1) BH dtl when it's on 2) angled FH crosscourt 3) "sudden" change to FH dtl
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    Your personal favourite shot of Roger Federer?

    Something about seeing him run around his backhand to hammer his FH is especially pleasing to me. Probably the inside-in FH followed closely by the inside-out FH.
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    Your personal favourite shot of Rafael Nadal

    They all revolve around his FH. 1) banana FH passing shot 2) FH dtl 3) FH inside-out
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    Cincinnati schedule Nick and Novak to share the same court for practice

    Calculated move by the organizers or they jdgaf? (y)
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    Nadal Out Of Cinci

    Smart move from him. Gain some confidence on the North American hard courts by winning Montreal, but don't lose any mental edges by facing and possibly being beaten by Nolan/Fred. Goes into US Open fresh and hope for another easy draw.
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    Any chances of repeat of 2013 for Rafa?

    Have to see Cincy tournament first to gauge how the other top players are doing.
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    Which table would you sit at?

    I would move Murray to table 1 and Djokovic to table 3, and then I'd sit at table 3 with a bag of popcorn. :)
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    Which table would you sit at?

    Nevermind, just saw another thread on this. Mods, please delete.
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    Djokovic News

    More vacation pics. Taking it easy before the big fights at Cincy and USO.
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    There is a "Big 4", and anyone who denies this is quite simply a Murray HATER.

    There is a Big 3 and there is also a Big 4. What is so hard to understand? The names were created for different reasons. Big 3 = possibly the greatest three players of the Open Era ("of all time" is another debate) Big 4 = the same 4 players (which includes Murray) that consistently made it...
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    Djokovic fans - Win one past match?

    I would pick 2015 RG final, as that win, as you stated, would have given him a CYGS and six straight slam titles. A close second contender is one that you haven't listed: the 2012 RG final. That would have given him a "Nole Slam" much earlier and he would have two "career grand slams" to date...