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    Does Fed have the Uniqlo curse?

    If Borg can have his clothing lineup Fed could have started his own long ago but given his taste (assuming he had a hand in FO and Wimbledon dress design ) it's better he go to Adidas .
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    What went wrong at 40-15 for Federer?

    Federer's biggest issue is he over thinks at times ; he has this lousy habit of playing the man on opposite side of the net as against hitting the ball on merit ; firstly he should have SV'd when at 40-15 he was passive and then tried to be aggressive not out of choice but out of desperation ...
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    It will take us ages to recover from this final

    Federer made lot of mistakes more than strokes he brought to the match his old stubborn self which we all thought had vanished for good; hitting forehands to djokovic's backhand even when camping on BH corner is a suicide he got burnt and still continued to do it. Even in first 2-3 sets it was...
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    Did Roger play better at RG than Wimby this year?

    Agree , he is playing pretty bad in Wimby . No backhand , forehand shanks and look at the serve simply not there even Nadal has more aces than him.
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    New Barricade Boost??

    I have been a Barricade guy since the Barricade classic line and I am actually sad the way quality and durability have gone down with times ; my perception is the manufacturers have taken a queue from likes of Apple where they make sure the product wears out faster so that they can sell more. I...
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    Djokovic Forehand Grip

    Look at Djokovic's forehand finish he has moved the contact point a lot more forward and elbow is a lot straighter ; in fact the swing pattern is close to Federer's . I wonder if he has moved his grip towards eastern side too.
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    Lesson on how not to play

    Slice a low percentage shot ? This is the first time I heard this , unless I am mistaken all 1HBH players first master the slice without a good slice you cannot construct points efficiently ; the effectiveness of ball when sliced alone notwithstanding the very mechanics of the shot are very very...
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    Lesson on how not to play

    Nice thread ; I agree with the general observation that it was a very robotic game . To give some examples ; Halep lost some very critical points in the 3rd set even when she had opened up the court and had Woz on the stretch simply because she chose to play a forehand when she could have...
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    AO 2018 WOMEN'S FINAL: (1) Simona Halep vs (2) C. Wozniacki

    Is it just me but I saw that while Halep has an excellent ground game but she lets the high balls drop low to hit a forehand when she should have ended the point opting for an overhead ; at least on 2-3 occasions she could have easily won the point but she let Woz get into the point by simply...
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    Federer has never beaten his biggest rivals on GS finals since 2007

    I know brains and common sense are a bit too much to expect when posting on these forums but starter of this thread should realize the simple fact that it is not Federer's mistake if likes of Djokovic or Nadal never met him in finals of GS which former won after 2008 or whatever date he wants to...
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    Federer played bad..or Djokovic not allowed to play him good?

    Fed won against peak Djoker both in the French semis as well as 2012 Wimby semis so ...
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    Federer played bad..or Djokovic not allowed to play him good?

    Well Fed only got broken once in first two sets he got broken once with Murray too so issue was not with Djokovic's level of play as such , it is not as if Fed got blown away by Djokovic's shots . He served 59% 1st serves in 1st set what do you expect with that against a world#1 player ? He...
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    2015 Wimbledon Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Roger Federer

    So Federer loosing the first set is because of Djokovic's clutch play but Fed winning the second set was just luck ? Factually speaking Djokovic won more points from Fed's UFEs than winners , if you see just stats Fed still had more winners than Djokovic so if there was someone who won due to...
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    Steve Flink: I have never witnessed a player more gracious in defeat than Nole

    This is such a lousy and judgemental remark; sportsmanship of a person cannot be judged by how he shakes hands alone some people are more expressive some like to keep their feelings to themselves . Sportsmanship is about playing the game in the right spirit , what is the point in saying nice...