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    EXO matches starting already -- Tour to resume soon ?

    Tennis and all sports will never be the same. The money won't be there for big time pay outs. And they don't deserve it. Never did.
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    tsn2 miami sf

    I'm trying to find the Shapovalov-Tsitsipas match they're showing today but can't find it anywhere. TSN2 is a mess. Anyone have a link to the free stream?
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    When does this take place?
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    The Italian Open is in Doubt

    Yes, JJguy, without a doubt.
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    The Italian Open is in Doubt

    Italy has now closed all schools and universities for the time being. I highly doubt this will go forward. FO could be in doubt too?
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    Olympics are in doubt

    That was before people could travel as easily as they can now, refugee crises, and a global economy that could tank due to this. So, don't underestimate what could or might happen. Millions of people together so close to China would not be safe.
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    2020 Dubai Open Semi Final :- [1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Gael Monfils

    Monfils blows 3 match points! My goodness what a terrible sight. And I need to know why is he always gasping for breath? He looks as if he'll collapse any moment. Is this an act?
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    Covid-19 after Miami?

    Yes, I agree the tour will be affected. But, NA events may go forwards such as Rogers Cup, Western Open, etc. Hard to say until we know and see more. But one thing for sure the ATP TOUR MUST STOP with the towel nonsense. This is just spreading germs and if one player gets sick then the ballboys...
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    Olympics are in doubt

    Unlikely to be a vaccine by then so in my opinion it's a no go. Same with the Asian Tennis swing - no one will want to go there.
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    Olympics are in doubt

    Other events will become in doubt as well as a serious outbreak can occur anywhere at anytime until a vaccine is available. Idiot trump said the vaccine will probably not be "affordable" to everyone. So, only the rich get the vaccine in the US? Also, travel to Asia is out for Canadian athletes.
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    Olympics are in doubt

    IOC is now debating whether or not it will be safe to hold the Olympics in Tokyo. They may or may not happen depending on the possible pandemic of the coronavirus.
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    2020 Marseille Final - (2.) Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. (7.) Felix Auger-Aliassime

    He has also been in Masters 1000 finals (2 I think) and has good wins against almost everyone. I'm not his biggest fan but he is probably the star of the future. If anyone is going to win the slams it's probably him. I don't know that I see Shapovalov or FAA winning a slam at least not at this...
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    2020 Marseille Final - (2.) Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. (7.) Felix Auger-Aliassime

    Hmmm, I expected that to be a tougher match. Surprised at how easily FAA lost today. Mind you, he's played a lot of tennis in these two weeks. Two tournaments and two finals. For a 19 year old that's really spectacular. But, somehow he gets into the final and can't seem to relax enough to play...