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    Does a powerful racket make it easier to generate ball speed?

    Funny how the average speed of shot by the playtesters on the TW reviews is roughly always the same regardless of the racket though :unsure:
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    Novak can kiss 2021 AO goodbye

    He looks like Voldemort here
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    AO 2021 QF: Daniil Medvedev (4) vs Andrey Rublev (7)

    Look at their expressions Pure class, both of them
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    Fabio Fognini [16] vs Parera Nadal [2] - Australian Open 2021 R4

    I hope for them that they don't hear this **** on the court
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    Wilson Six.One 95 (18x20) grommets

    Hey, I'm also looking for 2017 95 grommets but I can't seem to find any... If anyone has a clue, don't hesitate... (I'm in Europe)
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    French tennis debacle...

    Humbert will make up for it
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    Head 360+ prestige mp and speed mp string recommendations

    Lynx Tour at 24/23 kg (53/51) works well for me at the moment (it's my 'playing layed back racket'), very comfortable, plenty powerful and forgiving...
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    Phenomenal Rublev interview/documentary in Russian w. English subs

    Just stumbled on this gem! Much more relaxed and in depth than the typical interview. Just walking around in motherland with a nice russian journalist lady w good chemestry. For any fan of tennis or Andrei, its defitinetly worth the watch imho: he's talking about his journey, psychology, what...
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Hello guys! I'm curious: how would it compare to the 2017 Six.One 95? Really LOVE playing with it at the moment but still slightly intrigued by the rave reviews about this Blade Pro..
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    "l'Enfant Prodige" Lorenzo Musetti's Racquet mystery (HEAD)

    So time for a little advert for the TW customization tool... I guess that should be pretty similar to his racket... Aaaand I'm considering buying one now :laughing: Or maybe the layup is totally different?... :unsure:
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    Bold prediction: The winner of the AO will be...

    Humbert!!! that could be a bold bet x)
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    Who is the strongest tennis nation right now (ATP)?

    Difficult to believe I'm the first to vote for France ... +Humbert is gonna explode this year ;)
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    Wrist Pain - What to do?

    Figure out if it's the ligaments or muscular (aka look up myofascial trigger point). If it's muscular massage, stretch the appropriate muscles. If it's ligament, rest. Then think about why it happened in the first place, its definitely not a normal thing. I had wrist pain once in my life when I...
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    Racquet advice for a 12 y/o

    Maybe try out the classics great 'all around' rackets often used by junior players aka Head Speed MP, Wilson Blade or Babolat Pure Strike. These frames could stay with him far into teenagehood and more (look at the players at the orange bowl or even college players) I personally don't see any...