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    Medvedev, Rafa and even Federer lose their first matches at WTF. Is it time to dump this hyped-bloated pseudo-championship?

    I think WTF is perfect Having just attended the tournment for the first time, I can say that it's a great tournment from a spectator's point of view. Having been to a few ATP tournments and 3 majors, WTF was more fun for me. and ticket prices are pretty reasonable for decent seats and...
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    Please Prince Textreme Beast Longbody, be everything I ever wanted....

    I used to play with cv95 (with 2 g of lead at hoop) Currently swinging the bisner My current bisner strung up with poly n dampner has a swing wt of 360. But it's not hard to swing, Compared to my old cv95 Way more power, control is a tad less, but due to the much more generous sweetspot my...
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    My Pure Drive is killing my Arm!

    Prince beast 100. Plays more comfortable than 67RA it'll be a lot more comfortable than your pure drive. Plenty of power and a tad more control
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    Need Hybrid of Pure Drive/Pure Aero, suggestions?

    I second the above. Regular pure drive plus, add some lead under bumper eg 2-3g or so. Counter weight ar butt.. then you'll have a more polarized setup than your pdtp .. still a beast on serve but will give you more spin due to the wt distribution. And then play with the string setup to get...
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    How manny racquet you have tried before you found "THE ONE"?

    I've easily tried over 300 and still looking lol
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    You r correct.. I've got the 2018 pure drive in my hand.. and the drill pattern looks very very close.. could even be a perfect match
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    Babolat Pure Storm/Pure Control Fan Club

    currently playing with the pure control tour + ... great stick, has some nice old school feel with a modern twist. Being extended, it does not suffer from the low swing weight of the regular PCT (not a knock on the low SW I know some love it... but I prefer my to be a bit heavier to swing)...
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    Lead tape on 2018 Pure drive

    Thanks Dustin and Geoff Just pulled the trigger... now the hardest part.. waiting for the shipping lol
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    After years of looking - 2 POGs for $1.50 each

    Isopropyl alcohol should remove the residue Congrats btw.. nice find
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    Lead tape on 2018 Pure drive

    Hi guys, asking re application of lead tape on the new pd Going thru a babolat phase atm so gonna buy a PD to keep my racketholism under control temporarily. My desired spec is more close to the PD tour (or even a bit heavier) but given bab's qc i thought prob safer to get the standard version...
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Ah i see. Thx so much
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Thanks for that. Although its comfortable enough I can certainly do with more comfort .. but not sure if i can cope with more power
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    I think mine could be a fognini version with pure drive team pj pro stock
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    I believe pre 2015 pure drive grommet would fit (not 100% certain)
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Hi guys i got one of the earlier gen pure drive.. one with pre-woofer grommets. I was something of anyone could tell me how would the feel/playability change if i change the grommet to the woofer ones? Thanks in advance (contemplating whether i should update the grommet, as if i take the...