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    Head Radical Tour OS made in China vs Austria

    Sure. It's plausible that QC in China could be comparable to that of any place on earth, e.g., Apple Computer.
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    I have trimmed my collection to only a few raquets, Prince Graphite Pro 90, Prince Spectrum 90, Head PT280, and Head Prestige Pro, which I rotate them on a regular basis.
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    Head Prestige Pro 600 1st GENERATION

    The page is no longer valid. Has the racquet been sold? Did you get a good price for it?
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    Some good classic finds at my local goodwill

    $2 for a pristine cover is still a bargain.
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    Sad racquetholicism for Prince Classic Graphites

    Sad? Would that be great for Prince clssic racquet lovers?
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    Sad racquetholicism for Prince Classic Graphites

    The cost of such machine will be extremely expensive.
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    LOL @ all the 1HBH vs 2HBH

    it's totally dependent on the player in terms strengths and preferred styles.
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    Congratulations Stan the man!

    it was a great backhand finish!
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    Life expectancy of a frame?

    The racquet industry loves you.
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    RG 15 Ladies Final S.Williams V L.Safarova

    +1 ... tired of seeing her at the top
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    Well, it happened yet again!

    I have a collection of classics (Prince Spec. Comp, Pro 90, PC600, Prestige Pro, i-prestige). Instead of letting them idle, I use them for practice on a rotational basis and switch to my primary racquet (Head PT280) for the matches.