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    Why federer behaves like a crazy child when playing delpo??

    I can attest to that fact. Back in 2008 at the US Open I saw a 19 year old Del Potro the first time playing his QF match against Andy Murray live at Arthur Ashe stadium and I was astounded at the ferocity of the Delpo forehand. Each time he connected racquet with ball there was a loud boom, I...
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    Biggest ballbasher in current era??

    Andrey Rublev for sure.
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    Robin Haase

    anyone who's last name contains "Haas" has a decent shot at winning against Fed
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    How long before an American men's player wins a slam?

    If you just add the word South to American then last guy to win is Del Potro. No hope from North America (including Canada) for at least next 30 years or so.
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    Federer ranking on a Tennis Ladder

    I didn't say the ladder is played only on clay. I just said, if it were, then Nadal would always be on top no question asked. Also when you mentioned Nadal losing to all those people it was over a span of several years. In general though I would expect Nadal to be on top which is shown by his...
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    Federer ranking on a Tennis Ladder

    If there was a concept of ATP Tennis ladder where would Fed consistently rank? In the top rung or a couple of rungs below? The way a tennis ladder works is you play up to two other players in the same rung, and as you keep winning you climb higher until you get to the top. IMO if the world...
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    Federer is the next gen

    40s is the new 20s . so when Rog hits 40yr mark he will be like a 20 yr old entering into his 3rd overall peak and aiming to get his 28th grandslam.
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    Do u remember urdu favourite player birthday

    Aisam Qureshi is my avatar on this forum.
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    The return of Featherer?

    I'm pretty sure he gifted old Tommy with the match. Probably after being up a set and in the tie-break of the 2nd he may have realized its not worth it and give Tommy a last chance in taking a title before retiring.
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    What age could fed/ nadal beat a 5.0

    that overhead is definitely recognizable
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    Djokovic will expose Zverev

    funny when the tables turn
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    Sachin Tendulkar says he could relate to Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal during the Australian Open fina

    not anymore i think that honour belongs to the likes of Dhoni and Kohli now- unless I'm mistaken
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    ok this Fedal H2H is now meaningless

    usually 30 yr is an unwritten threshold for tennis athlete beyond which milestones are generally not expected. so yes it is typically the last leg of their career. it's another thing that Fed has managed to elongate it so much. it wasn't supposed to be this way
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    ok this Fedal H2H is now meaningless

    that is my and you -- we know that Fed led the charge back against Nadal towards the end. but 20 yrs from now whenever the rivalry is brought up it will be always remembered as Nadal being a bad matchup for Fed and his one and only kryptonite... it's unfair but it's true.
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    ok this Fedal H2H is now meaningless

    Fed just keeps winning and winning against Nadal in the twilight of both guys' careers and IMO if they are allowed to play 10 more times Fed may very well overtake him. Unfortunately several years from now when pundits review the H2H stats between them 23 will always be > 14 and no one will...