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    What was match where Federer developed pure fear of Djokovic?

    don't know what you talking about , i just saw federer vs djokovic at ATP finals, the fear miraculously dissapeared ?
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    The Second Coming Is Upon Us

    I seriously think he can make a deep run in Australia :) .
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    Current Australian Open Betting Odds

    not even playing singles , ranked 300+
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    Crowd booing an umpire! A first?

    what are we discussing here? it is a first when an umpire can't control the crowd, so the players have to actually wait for the crowd to stop yelling and the shot clock expires cuz of crazyness in the crowd, then the umpire suddenly becomes an umpire again and says time violation . And for the...
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    2019 Wimbledon - Gentlemen singles

    Mr. Anderson will be hard to beat.:)
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    Thank God the exciting tennis is back! Medvedev wins game in 29 seconds

    How can 4 aces in a row be anything more exciting than 4 nice rallyes ? who are you in real life?:)) . Tennis is back:))) ?? oh my this forum is full of " papa lapte" how we say in romanian to baby adults
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    2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

    I see it like this. Who has evolved more after their 2012 final at AO? Novak or Nadal? the answer to that question is the one who will win it tomorrow.
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    Federer will beat Novak this time

    i don't know what to say, i keep getting hyped of how beautifull and elegantly sharp Roger plays and then djokovic comes and spoils the party big time.... i would like to see him beating Novak but it will be HARD !
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    2018 Wimbledon Final: Kevin Anderson (8) vs Novak Djokovic (12)

    Djokovic to dismember Anderson from the baseline and return. 4 sets
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    If the roof had been open...

    still Joker .he`s better than nadal on grass. nadal fan.