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    What will next year's top 8 be?

    Any votes for Murray getting back in there by the end of next year? or at least the Top10? I think he's still a top contender, not to win slams but for sure challenging the top 10 and snagging a few wins against them.
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    Share your Match video!!

    Here is Part 2:
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    Diadem Solstice Power

    I use tecnifibre black code. I've been using it for at least 6 years now. By the time it flattens out, I end up popping the string anyway. Great strung that doesn't loose too much feel over time imo.
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    Diadem Solstice Power

    Unfortunately the sharp treads wear off so it becomes rounded and feels different at that point. Nothing we can do about that though....
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    Crisp Poly that lasts?

    Tecnifibre Black Code?
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    I feel like theres no good racquets nowadays

    What did you use before that you liked?
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    The die is cast

    All good for her and it's a massive accomplishment for sure. As we have seen with plenty of youngsters... can they maintain form and continue to play great tennis throughout their career. I feel she definitely has the game for it. Only time will tell.
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    Laver Cup 2021

    Laver Cup results you mean? Why is that hard to believe?
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    Share your Match video!!

    Ok I gotcha now! Yea, that's a tough one, esp in doubles bc our ranges in play then effect our partner as well.
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    Do college players play in tournaments over the summer like they did in juniors?

    I definitely did for every summer in college and for a few years after. Nothing better than travelling with some great tennis friends (or by yourself) visiting a new or returning city in the US and bashing some balls in the summer heat. I couldn't get enough of the Men's open/futures qualies...
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    Share your Match video!!

    Sounds like 2 good matches overall though! Meaning more simple doubles?
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    Share your Match video!!

    Local league match-play or flex?
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    Leylah top three in world

    Tennis media has messed up so many young ones with this. Donald Young is the biggest name coming to mind for this.
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    Serve mechanics - 90 degree elbow position

    How about in front of the body?
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    Share your Match video!!

    I had to look up the last 2 "IYAM FWIW" that's what I get for not having social media