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    Ask ProTennisCoach- Gilbert, Annacone, Cahill, Rasheed

    Tennis IQ Among active players, who do you feel has the highest tennis IQ? Could an argument be made that the homogenization of the sport diminished the value of having a high tennis IQ? Do you think that limiting racquet and string technology, as Johnny Mac has suggested (perhaps...
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    Ask ProTennisCoach- Gilbert, Annacone, Cahill, Rasheed

    10,000 hour rule In your experience, how well does the 10,000 hour rule hold up? What is the oldest that you've seen an individual pick up the game and manage to become a professional? Physical limitations would seem to limit a man or woman's ability to play singles past a certain age, but are...
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    Was I a hard-hitting 3.5 when I was 15?

    In your story, the 145 lb guy didn't wrestle in the super-heavyweight class. He wrestled one weight class up. That's significant, but not all that uncommon. I wrestled up on a few occasions, and so did some of my other team mates, if our coach felt it made sense. I wrestled for five years...
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    Was I a hard-hitting 3.5 when I was 15?

    So you gave up a 110 lb weight advantage and had no knowledge of wrestling technique, but you out wrestled the city champ? Having wrestled myself, I could believe your story if you were the city wrestling champ and you beat a novice 110 lbs heavier than you, but the reverse simply ain't gonna...
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    Specialising in one area or being an all-rounder?

    If you get more enjoyment out of rallying versus playing games, that's totally cool. But tennis is defined by specific rules, and an individual that avoids that structure is, by definition, not playing tennis. Personally, I think you're missing out on many of the rewarding aspects of the game if...
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    Yann Auzoux footwork system: Who uses Crossing step

    Here's some slow-mo footage of Nadal doing drop steps, crossover steps, whatever you want to call them:
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    Drop Shot (Serve)

    The development of a proper serve is a rite of passage, and it involves suffering through short-term pain (not so short-term in my case; it took two years to get to a place where I feel somewhat confident serving) for long-term gain. It's great that you've committed to the continental grip. So...
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    For anyone who still thinks wta pro can't handle 5.0 serves

    lol. Rocky, is that really you? Only the one set of deadlifts, eh? That's weak. I guess some allowances have to be made for getting old. Still, it might be a good idea to call Micky up. He'll get you off that Kenyan marathon training BS.
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    5.0 Male Player vs Date Krumm

    Where are you getting your figures from? I would love to get specific details on the top ATP players' training regimens. Yeah, I know. Put Ronnie Coleman, Lou Ferrigno or Hossein Rezazadeh on a tennis court and they would easily be scoring double bagels over any tennis professional, WTA or...
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    5.0 Male Player vs Date Krumm

    Hey now. Just because I live in my parents' basement and spend all my time on the internet doesn't make me any less of an athlete. I'll have you know that I belong to an elite WoW guild and just this morning I completed a level 80 raid on the Lich King's citadel, thank you very much!
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    5.0 Male Player vs Date Krumm

    Being "well-built" doesn't really help on the tennis court. Past a certain point, bigger muscles become a burden during long rallies. Also, being well-built doesn't have a direct correlation with generating power, since power in tennis is about the ability to generate force over a short time...
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    Designing weekly challenges

    This season I was the captain for a ~3.0-3.5 team. The season is over, but I'd like to come up with some weekly skill based challenges that will encourage team members to work on their skills in a purposeful way. The idea being that the challenge winners will get bragging rights and possibly...
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    Struggling to actually compete at tennis

    haha. You sound like you want to be Monfils. I think some people are more wired to be aggressive than others. Instead of trying to be something you're not, why don't you try continuing to use personal challenges to keep the game interesting for yourself but at the same time, that will help...
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    What should be ruled a hindrance?

    What sorts of actions from the returner would be deemed a hindrance to the server? Some examples: Would stomping your feet loudly be considered a hindrance? How about running loudly towards the net (squeaking your shoes) as the server is in mid-motion? Waving your racquet wildly?
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    How to deal with your doubles partner if he ...

    It sounds like you have different outlooks and different approaches to tennis. If he isn't interested on working on his net game to become a more offensive player, you'll need to accept that or find a more compatible partner. I would suggest talking it out with him and explaining what you're...