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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    Total Time: 1 hr & 19 minutes Racquet Strung - 1 Wilson Clash (Prototype) # of Mains/Crosses - 16x19 Pattern Used (1 or 2 piece, ATW) - 2 piece String(s) Used - Ashaway Monogut ZX 58 / Cyberflash 54 Pre-stretch? - No Tension - 58 / 54 lbs Machine Strung On (CP, LO, DW) - Alpha Axis -...
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    Kyrgios made history? First point won by underhand serve!'s about the same as all junk balls - perfectly fine and drives some people crazy.
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    AeroPro Drive Junior 26 stringing pattern

    Others have said that you can string 2 piece without enlarging any of the grommets, so will defer to their experience. I had to string a couple of jr racquets recently and while I'm sure they could've been done 2 piece, it wasn't obvious there were sufficient tie off holes. Just take a close...
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    Oddest, Funniest, or Worst thing you've seen in a USTA match?

    So not at USTA match, but I was playing a USTA doubles practice match with my friend. As I pushed off to return a serve I felt like someone had shot me or clubbed me with a baseball bat on my left calf. After getting situated and trying to stand up, I inquired or my friend, "so what do you...
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    One Cross String Smiling at Me

    Aargh! I owe the universe a dollar. The last cross is mis-weaved.
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    One Cross String Smiling at Me

    I'll take a pic and post tonight...curious if it could be a misweave. I would be a whole $1 that it isn't, but I've been wrong,wrong, and badly wrong before. Just ask my wife!
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    One Cross String Smiling at Me

    Hmmm...that sounds pretty plausible. It didn't happen exactly as you speculated, but I do recall that I had the second to the last cross (the one that is smiling at me) clamped for a while as I fiddled with something else. Wonder if that's the cause, if I should just re-tension?
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    One Cross String Smiling at Me

    Apologies (and flame suit on) if this has been discussed before. I recently strung my racquet (Head IG Radical Pro) with a full set of SPPP. I'm pretty meticulous about keeping the cross string straight as I pull(crank), but for some odd reason, one of my cross strings came out and smiled at...
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Hey John. I just have one 17 ga cyclone left. Interested in just one? Still have multiple sets of the 16 ga.
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I have sets of Volkl Cyclone 16 ( and 17 (yellow). Think I have 3 or 4 sets each. Interested in trading for the weiss cannon, SPPP
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    sorry for the delay. email sent today.
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Have: single sets of Volkl Cyclone 16 ga in pink and 17 ga in yellow. Also have a lot of Gosen OG Micro 17 gauge in natural - reel. Want: Looking to trade for softer/livelier polys in 16 or 17 gauge. Other multi's and Synguts. OG Gosen - white 16 ga
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I have multiple sets of the Cyclone in 16 and 17 in a lovely yellow and pink (um....but it is dark pink!). I will inventory tonight if interested.
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    Wanted: Alpha Fixed Clamps

    Anyone have any alpha clamps to sell? Please contact me. Thanks.
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    Stringing Natural Gut Anxiety!

    Think I'll definitely try some pre-stretch and string 50/50. I learned the hard way on cinching the knot too tightly with a Ashaway Monogut. On the Monogut, pulled too hard too quickly, snapped the string, took out that little abrasive piece on the clamp, and hit myself on the forehead with...