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    Idemoooo Noleee

    Idemoooo Noleee
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    Los grand slams que ganara Novak

    Vamos, a por lo 17 de Rafa ahora!
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    Idemo Nole!!!

    Idemo Nole!!!
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    Mikhail Youzhny’s career has ended

    Sh*t, I wanted that he gets to 500 victories
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    Nadal withdraws from Beijing and Shanghai

    Rafa was very lucky to not have Djokovic on last year USO
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    When will Federer break Connors' 109 OE record for most singles titles?

    Laver won 200 titles. When Roger...? Let me yhink. Never.
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    Idemo Nole!

    Idemo Nole!
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    Why did Muster only win 1 French open

    He wasn't that good. Was not Nadal!
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    Cilic or Del Potro.

    Delpo all of the way
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    Nadal OUT for a month with injury

    Rafa said that the rood of Ashe stadium was partially closed, so he has to abandon
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    Rafa isn’t a quitter - from a Fed fan

    When is logins, and he is not in clay, he likes to blame his body. Change the way you play man! You play like you do cause you are a beast that way, but the body will not resist!
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    Rafa has one loss this season

    hahahha You got Delpo's di*k inside man hahahaha
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    If Nadal won 1st set...

    The thing about Delpo is a joke of mine, but he stated thay only loses were 2, not counting Cilic one cause he abandon.
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    If Nadal won 1st set...

    Zagor, he said about that about Cilic, the other thing is a joke of mine