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    Ask A Massage Therapist Anything!

    What do you think of Theragun or other percusive massagers for pre and post tennis. They are all the rage. Is it just a fad or an essential tool to staying healthy?
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    Jack Sock

    If you watched the whole match, it didn't look that way at all, to me. In the first set, his forehand was spraying all over the place... Net, long, wide, etc. The forehand just isn't what it once was. He wants to pull the trigger and blow guys off the court.... Just isn't happening anymore. The...
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    T Fight 315?

    Has tecnifibre finally stopped the ltd frames? I don't see them in their current lineup
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    T Fight 315?

    Yes, the 2017 have the head-type pallet system.
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    Best cushioned shoes, does even need to be tennis specific

    I 2nd the crazy light boost. Unfortunately, they were discontinued a couple years ago. The boost cushioning doesn't break down and they are full length boost... Fantastic on the forefoot.
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    Nike 2020 General Thread

    We all seem to say that every year.... And they sink to a new low .... Yet again
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    @Tecnifibre Official , Are there no more "limited" frames? Has Tec stopped making the the "head pro stock" 315 LTD?
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    Layhani penalized Sock at Mp

    Losing.... It's bringing out the ugly side of Sock.
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    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    the Bab Pure Control 95+ was amazing....surgical precision, On the other end was the Prince Chang Titanium Longbody. Crazy spin and angles ...14x18 pattern with a 28" long racket.... stock swingweight was around 350 in an 11.5O z racquet!!!!
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    Raonic & New Balance

    New Balance needs to find a new poster boy. Raonic is a total deterrent for ever wearing NB. I don't know what it is, but he looks awkward in whatever he wears.
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    Spin rates on the ATP tour

    I'd love to see the RPMs on Dolgopolov's backhand slice. I've never seen anything like from any other pro player.
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    Alison Riske Strokes

    Just like Kerber..... Ugly looking strokes.... Very real game though.
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    Double Server rare tactic to serve at the receiver’s partner to win point!

    Don't know. In local USTA, the server wins the point but I've rarely seen the server take the point.... Usually out of shame for claiming an errant cheap point. Once, I got hot in the foot as the opposing net man by a wild serve. Or opponents were losing and they took the point. ..... Let's...
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    I haven't tried the 93P 14x18 yet..but am very tempted. I played with the MIchael Chang Titanium Longbody mids (14x18) for about 15 years. Alu power was my favorites string in those frames and I string it up at 60# in 1 piece. I'd usually break the Alu in 3-5 hours of doubles play. The spin...