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    bahahahahaha Kyrgios you're a legend mate

    Nick just loves to argue to show off his own brilliance. Not unlike quite a few people on TT or any other online chat site. With a guy like that, the best thing to do is refuse to engage him. Let him spout his opinions and just saying something like “yup, well said”, and just go about your...
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    A Bold Miami Prediction: Coric or Dimitrov to win

    Zverev will win Miami
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    How successful will Naomi Osaka be?

    Sloane is losing to the same type of player. I hope more WTA players stop bashing.
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    Should they fix the Masters events ???

    This is the most sensible. They could play Challengers in Europe
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    Potential tip to add mph on serve

    Correct. You don’t try to pronate. You just try to not “get in the way” of pronation just happening naturally. Easier said than done. When you try to hit hard, you have a tendency of trying to use the arm instead of just allowing the arm to be manipulated by the larger muscles. On a slower...
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    Kerber to Andreescu: you're the biggest drama queen ever"

    That seems to be what prompted Kerbers comment. We agree or disagree with Kerber, but thanks for the post and clarifying what happened
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    Will Serena equal or surpass Court?

    Which is why I ask the question. It was a foregone conclusion she would. Even coming back after her child, she made it to the finals of Wimbledon and US Open. Everyone thought she’d win both of those matches. She didn’t. So everyone just assumed these were minor setbacks, but that she was...
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    Will Serena equal or surpass Court?

    1 more to tie. 2 more to have most singles slams all time. Discuss.
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    How successful will Naomi Osaka be?

    She seems a lot like Sloane to me.
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    2019 Miami - WTA Premier Mantadory - General Discussion

    Woz might double bagel her
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    2019 Miami - WTA Premier Mantadory - General Discussion

    I’d expect more players to start off pacing Osaka
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    Do you read history?

    Plato’s reply to this challenge didn’t convince you?
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    Off to strip to meet brother

    Just head back to Barnes & Noble and hang out with @Federer and Del Potro
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    I think I just met Dgold at Barnes & Noble

    You should have asked if you could go apartment for grappling practice. His rent just went up by $150 I hear
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    Do you read history?

    Justice is the advantage of the stronger?