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    Tactical adjustments Nadal needs to make going forward

    He needs to stop playing so fast between points. And stop playing on hard courts when he’s injured
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    Is Sascha Zverev a threat at the French?

    He could get ground down by Millman.
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    How far will the Feder go??

    If he can get past Kyrgios and Berdych I think he’ll win it
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    Which culture foments the toughest minds?

    That’s why slaves are so important. We still have slaves today. In America we call them Mexicans. Trick is how to get them to do all the stuff I don’t want to for little or nothing and keep them out of our country. Tough problem. It’s nice to see our leisure class in America still...
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    NBA 2018-19: Dynasty Season 5; Can The Carrington Warriors Defend???

    Tonight is certainly the de facto game 7. I’ll take the Bucks
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    Which culture foments the toughest minds?

    Ancient Greeks or Romans
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    Which culture foments the toughest minds?

    I don’t know what foment means and I’m too lazy to look it up, but it has to be American culture, because we are the best at everything
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    I ran out of milk this morning

    Did you ever buy more milk?
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    I’ll burn down any club that allows bags on the bench. Sons-a-b!tches
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    Talking by Opponent between first and second serve

    Well, I know what to do to beat you
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    Possibly realistic scenario for RG2019

    With the rest day, fatigue won’t be a huge factor. I could see Federer pushing Nadal in the semis
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    You didn't play bad in a vacuum.

    My opponent is unbelievable and I’ll have to play my best tennis to have a chance, no