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    Science explains why you look bad on video

    I bet Nadal does
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    "Today's 33 is our 27." - Ivan Lendl explaining the Great Age Shift in tennis.

    If 33 is the new 27, does that mean Rafa won his first slam when he was (19-6=) 13? At what age does the age shift start?
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    Medvedev=harder hitting Simon?

    I've been trying to figure out exactly what he does different from Simon that makes him better. 1) His "bread and butter" rally game is very much like Simon IMO. 2) Obviously, he has a better first serve. 3) He seems to take offense more readily when he has the advantage in the rally.....I...
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    Features for Which You'd Pay

    I’d pay to have bigger breasts
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    Ted Bundy files on Netflix

    Ted was “the son of Sam” too?
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    Ownership of smartphones by population, income, age, gender, etc...!

    I think he meant non natural deaths. But I still don’t know if it’s true
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    Tsitsipas comments on playing Medvedev - “It’s just boring”

    Medvedev follows Tilden’s advice. First, don’t let your opponent get in rhythm. Do everything to disrupt it. Second, defeat your opponent mentally and the match is won. Tsitsipas is the perfect pigeon for Medvedev. It took me years to learn to play Medvedev style. I hate myself as I’m...
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    Any alien abductee here?

    He upsold them to 2 day air
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    Happy Yom Kippur !!!

    Happy Sukkot To celebrate, you need to tell all of your customers at the UPS store to Suck It.
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    Is Medvedev a student of the Novak Djokovic school of thought?

    Had Medvedev been talking to Pepe?
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    Coco Gauff wins first WTA title

    I don’t get it
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    Coco Gauff wins first WTA title

    Vaidisova was the last 15 year old to win a title
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    MLB 2019 Season: Shipping Up To Boston

    You better not have
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    Body found 3 yrs later of missing Oregon hiker

    What kind of psychopath are you then?