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    Who else saw Lance Armstrong documentary on ESPN?

    I’m not saying I believe the argument. I’m just summarizing the story. Letting Lace tell his story his way was the price ESPN had to pay to do the story. There is of course some truth to it. And it could be the story Djokovic or Nadal is telling in 20 years.
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    Who else saw Lance Armstrong documentary on ESPN?

    Lance seems like a great guy. Just a victim of circumstances. Hate the game, not the player.
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    Can't swerve the Zvrv

    He better slay
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    RIP, Christo

    Wassup brother
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    Life after tennis, just ranting

    Federer is 38. He still acts like Federer
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    2020 us open predicton : nadal can win this ?

    I think Nadal, Djokovic and Federer will all go unbeaten
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    Wood privacy fence ???

    My wife had me doing the same thing at her old house. I almost ruptured the sewer pipe which was made of clay. Ended up just cutting the pole off with a torch and burying it before she sold the house. Somebody else’s problem
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    Who is the GOAT?

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    How will these guys be introduced in 2040?

    Same as Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds
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    Jelena Ostapenko: what happened?

    I think there’s too much emphasis on results over talent.
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    Hypothetical match up: Federer v Thiem french open 2019

    Federer is up 40-15 with 2 match points but Thiem wins 13-11 in the 5th set
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    Andy Murray. Overrated or underrated?

    I’ll decide after June 23rd