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    Shoulder Pain. Elbow Pain. What now?

    Well, I read the post and i'm not sure... Your saying you have arm issues and your still playing poly at 60-65 in an RF97? There's a lot you could do to reduce/remove equipment from the issue. For me I went from playing Graphene Radical Pro with ploy hybrid to Phantom 100P and gut hybrid. It...
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    Overall fitness/health tennis program

    #1 Quit drinking so much damn beer! #2 Quit eating Fries 5x per week! #3 Ice cream is NOT a food group! Oh, sorry that's what I need to do. but just in case it may work for you as well.
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    Most *comfortable* smooth cross for natural gut?

    Man this is exactly what I do. My record is re-stringing the crosses 3x and those gut mains lasted about a year.
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    Hitting On The Rise - One vs Two Handed Backhand

    Well, for me I'm already hitting 1hbh so it's more a question of how to develop those techniques. I think I benefit from the variety of shot I can hit and ability to vary the contact point. But more interesting when I have a very hard ball that i'm short hopping guess what? I use 2 hands :8
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I added 5g to 10/2 (along with 5g in the butt cap) and found it sluggish. It's not easy adding lead to such a thin beam frame, so i'm using some tungsten putty and tape. I kept moving the weight down to 9/3 and that was a lot better but I kept moving down to 8/4. For me, that's when the frame...
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    :-( Yes I have a PP100 and on the 2nd stringing found a broken grommet just like yours.
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I played the Ai98 for a couple years and struggled with low launch and had trouble generating spin. The control was excellent. Went though 4-5 different frames since and now back to the Ai98. The difference? I change the gut hybrid from 56/55 to 58/48 . The big difference in tension generates...
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    I’m a mess! What else can go wrong?

    You didn't say what you do for exercise besides playing. If I were in your shoes: Boot camp, barre, then move into cross fit. I'd lose some weight (that's me anyway) and stretch a lot. I'm convinced that joint issues are commonly caused by soft tissue injuries that are untreated. So anytime i'm...
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    Knee pain from the twisting force on pivot foot.

    The constant rotational load on left knee/meniscus causes pain for me. I've learned to not let my left heel get dug in which causes the rotation. I try to stay on the balls of my feet to allow the feet to rotate instead of the knee.
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    What if ATP/ITF/WTA banned poly strings and 100+ sq in racquets?

    I think it comes down to what you think is entertaining and what people would pay money to watch? For me I don't watch any matches where the points are serve only or go on for 20 shots each point. It is more ideally in the middle. And I like the skill and finesse required of the athlete. For me...
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    Can you get away with using slice only on backhand?

    Disagree, I'm more effective slicing from the add than powering topspin cross court. I have no problem beating the net man. I'm also better at shaping the slice around the post and up the line. The other thing I can do with the conti grip that I can't do with eastern backhand grip is hit a lob...
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    Alternative for Natural Gut mains

    Did you guy not notice this thread is 5 years old? But I do love the $30 for champions choice by the OP.
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    Decision time: Put my kids through college or keep buying tennis shoes RANT!

    So I wear out a pair of shoes every 3 months max. And the price of top line tennis shoes only keep going up. I used to be able to get the out of style Nike's, Adidas, Asics for around $70. Now I can't find any for less than $90 (for you without a calculator that's a 30% increase) and they list...
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    Handle close line calls?

    Thanks for this tread. It's always a good reminder to re-read the rule book. It's really very clear and once again reminds me of how wrong some of the guys are at making calls.