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  • Hi,
    Do you have any thoughts on how the K7 Lime plays vs Wilson Ultra Tour (if you're familiar with it)? Thank you!
    Guess I have to apologize for giving bad reviews to your racquets given that it seems your company wasn't really involved in the product I demoed.

    Hope to see some box beam 90-95sqin sticks from you somewhere down the road :)
    Paul - I am following up on a message that I sent through the Angell website on Sunday, Pacific Standard Time. Tried to start a conversation w/ you here but could not. Feel free to message me here. Thanks.
    I was looking to buy some extra pallets and butt caps for my Angell and vantage rackets. I did not see where I can place an order on the website for these. Could you help me out? Thank you
    Hi Paul - I sent you an email asking about specs on the TC100 (emailed from the Angel website); I look forward to your response. Thanks!
    Paul - i was wondering if you have the specs of the Dunlop Tour Pro Revelation MP (red)? Can't seem to find it.
    Hey Paul- it's max Callahan. I tried sending this to you from my phone, too, but I'm having an email problem right now and I haven't been able to send or receive any messages since Wednesday so you probably didn't get my last email.

    I contacted DHL and they can't find the package. They've opened up an inquiry and will supposedly get back to me by the end of the day here on Monday at the latest. Sorry.

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