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    Break from tennis. What to do in the mean time?

    Title explains it. Thinking about a pause from the game. What should I do to keep up mentally, if anything (I've got working out covered, hopefully.)?
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    My Forehand

    So I've been working on my forehand and I've been noticing something. I tend to mistime the ball more with a two-handed take-back than when I just use my non-hitting arm to point at the ball and balance myself. Is the two-handed take-back used to ensure proper rotation just as catching your...
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    Shot selection

    From what I've learned, you can start to gear your shot selection based on your opponent's positioning, your own positioning, your opponent's strengths & weaknesses, your own strengths & weaknesses, and so on. I feel like a lot of people overlook movement personally and there's also psychology...
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    My Forehand

    Yup, my dad fed all those balls to me. And about my energy? I don't like hitting balls that my dad feeds to me so yeah. He doesn't seem to understand that I won't get better by hitting fed balls. I had a lot more fun playing against this girl in my champ's class.
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    My Forehand
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    Help Serving up the T on ad court

    Flat up the T or in general? I was told that slice up the t works pretty well. Other than that, I would try tossing it more towards 12 'o clock to hit it, then go back to your normal toss.
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    Nadal video -- courtside and behind the player

    Wow, this has really changed my perception of Nadal's Forehand.
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    Drills for depth?

    Lol, too bad we're probably states apart. But anyway, I just focused on more topspin and clearance during practice today and it looks like it's coming along. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
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    I do worse against bad players...

    This right here.
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    Drills for depth?

    I hit a SW forehand and a Continental/Eastern backhand. I'm comfortable with the depth on my forehand, which I with a lot of spin, but I think my backhand-which I hit flat and about a foot or less over the net- could use more depth. What could I focus on so that I can get more consistent depth...
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    Posture when playing?

    I just had a revelation tonight. I realized that my play sometimes suffers because I have very tense shoulders (which may have resulted from years and years of bad posture). Now I'm trying to correct my posture but I have this question: Will hunching over when you play have a negative...
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    Do DIII schools really play no-ad and third set super tiebreaks?

    I heard this from somewhere, googled it and found nothing. Input from current DIII players or those who've played against DIII schools would be nice.
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    Stringing Less Than Recommended Tension

    Completely agree. I've been stringing with poly at 50 lately on my Pure Drive and my stringer told me that poly usually feels about 4-5 lbs tighter than synthetic.