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    Is there anyone here that likes Federer AND Nadal?

    Been a fan of both for quite a while :)
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    Andy Roddick's weaknesses

    Hah I think you mean he doesn't stay on his toes.
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    Your Best Shot??

    Cross court back hand and down the line forehand seem to score me the most points.
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    Andy Roddick's weaknesses

    I just don't think he goes for his shots anymore. Same with his serve. He has found he can still be a top 5 player and except for some other guys - whip everyone else on tour with his game. He plays a higher percentage game than he used to (more top spin, less flat shots). When he goes all out...
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    Andy Roddick's weaknesses

    Wow your analysis seems so backwards. Andy is fitter and stronger than he has ever been. If you doubt that look at recent shots of him with his shirt off compared to a few years ago. The guy has put on a lot of muscle while still being cut. Did you see his match against Johanson? He was...
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    Fed looks like a BA in all black

    Didn't Blake do something similar a few years back?
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    revised best backhand in mens tennis poll

    The two guys that I have seen execute the down the line shot more consistently than anybody else are Gasquet and Nalbandian.
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    Kei Nishikori (possible spoiler)

    Glad to see this kid making it as a pro!
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    Racquets similar to PD

    Thanks everyone for the replies.
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    Racquets similar to PD

    I recently hit with a PD w/cortex and loved it a lot. I was very surprised how much easier it was on my arm compared to the original PD. I was able to hit every shot with pace and spin with ease. Before I go off and buy a few of them though I was wondering what else I should demo that is...
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    Mirka during her active time (pic)

    you need to drag and drop it to view it. I think she looks pretty hot (now and then).
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    Federer should have lost

    I take it you missed the 2005 masters final which Nalbandian won? Nalbandian is a threat to Federer on any surface.
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    Do you feel Blake is stiff?

    Try moving the way he does on court - you can't do that while being stiff. He just has exceptional posture.
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    Sampras Sighting

    Sampras was spraying balls all over the place and couldnt get a backhand in before his exhibition. I think he will do fine in matches, not enough to beat Federer of course :).
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    Pro's shots powerful because of leaded racket?

    Stength isn't as important as coordination, timing and most importantly technique.