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    Janowicz handshake vs Hamou

    I agree. Janowicz is known for his antics and attitude on court. He won and didn't need to attempt to intimidate Hamou like that--Good for Hamou for standing up to Janowicz
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    Cut the Uni-Tongue of Nike Courtballistec 3.3

    if anyone has pics. i know a lot of people would love to see them
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    New Racquet suggestion

    How much weight to you recommend I put on the head? Ad then I should counter it with the same weight in the handle?
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    New Racquet suggestion

    I will, and I definitely want to lead up my blades before I give them up. I'm attached to them and its gonna be tough to switch. I know that sounds a little sad, but yeah I think trying some lead tape is a good idea
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    New Racquet suggestion

    well thank you for the advice. I'm just gonna have to try both of them and see which suits me better. I do like the blx blade but I want some more mass behind my strokes.
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    New Racquet suggestion

    I will definitely try the 6.1 18x20. What about the pure drive roddick GT?
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    New Racquet suggestion

    I used to play with the APD. I may try it again, but I think a heavier racquet would suit me better.
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    Nadal's performance in the Wimbledon 2011 finals

    I wouldn't say he was "pwned" at the AO. That was a five set match that lasted more than five hours. Had Nadal made that backhand at 4-3, he very well could have won the match. The other finals, yes I would agree with you. You can say many things about he AO, but that Nadal was "pwned" is...
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    New Racquet suggestion

    I have been playing with the blx and kblade for almost three years. Recently I haven't been playing as much as I would have liked and I feel that it is time for a change. I am an aggressive baseliner type of player and I have a lot of top spin on my forehand. I want a racquet that is good on...
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    Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (2Hundred)

    yeah i guess yall are right. I think I should hit with it one more time but i really liked it. Its only $89 bucks so that would be a steal. I think I would somehow mess up the balance if I tried to put weight in my blx 98s. Is it hard to do that?
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    Dunlop Aerogel 4D 200 (2Hundred)

    I hit with this racquet the other day and loved it. My ground strokes felt incredibly solid and my forehand was dropping with in with a lot more spin and power than I normally get with my blx blade. Is there any wilson racquet similar to this that I could try? Or is there a way to lead up my...
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    Nadal on Grass vs. Federer on Clay
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    problem with Gamma 5800 ELS base

    one of my bases will not stay. i will clamp the string and then try to set the base and it will snap back to its resting position. i dont think oil would help because it seems too loose, but i am unsure what to do
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    What past shoe do you want to see reintroduced?

    third that or the vapor speeds
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    barricade 7 vs kswiss bigshot vs ballistec 4.3

    i need a new shoe and i have been using the 3.3 and propulse 2s. i need a warranty for my shoes so ive narrowed my choice down to these three. i am leaning most towards the big shot because i like lighter shoes and they are also the cheapest. i dont like the 130 dollar price tag of the adidas...