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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    here's a good one. sampras vs rafter 97 philly finals. great stuff in my opinion, rafter didn't know what was coming when the ball was on pete's backhand wing.
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    New Sampras vs Ginepri videos

    Samps looks good but it kinda looks like Ginepri took a little off his forehands and floated them more.
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    Davydenko's wedding photos on

    looks like she'll be the one carrying him around =P she looks a good two inches taller than Davydenko.
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    My Lord does Rios Suck!!!

    If Rios gave 100%, he'd still be an ATP pro. Think about it.
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    Best Tennis Ball

    dunlop makes me the best balls, imo.
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    Australian Open 2007

    Who the hell says that Nadal is the favorite? Federer is the defending champion and the winner of 3 slams in 2006 plus the Masters Cup. No one comes close to him right now on hard court, it's plain and simple. The only slam I would put Nadal as the perennial favorite would be Roland Garros given...
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    Fed = multilingual?

    He can address the crowd of any Grand Slam he wins.
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    Hewitt's speed

    Grosjean isn't a big server, but he does have an effective kick serve. Watch him live sometime.
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    Moving from a Pure "Control"

    I used to play with a Pure Control and I think a great step up from that racket would be a ncode 95, very similar but with more heft and stability and volleys a hell lot better than the Pure Controls. As for myself, I opted for something extreme and started to use the Prestige Classics. Don't...
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    Quite obvious Sampras would dominate Federer on non-clay surfaces

    It's hard to really pinpoint Agassi's prime, but if you go and look at some previous matches between Agassi and Federer in recent slams, you would see that Agassi has gotten more off him than most other people. And that's an Agassi that's older and slower. Agassi wouldn't own Federer in his...
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    Roddicks volley

    Yeah it's still ugly but it working better now. I personally think Roddick's volleys from his match with Grosjean in Madrid were more impressive.
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    What is with the Croat serve?

    Hey I wouldn't mind having a "Croat Serve".
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    Roddick could have a little more luck.

    it seemed like only a matter of time before Tursunov would break him at the end of that long 5th set. Tursunov was getting mostly easy holds while pressuring Roddick's service game. Big ups to Roddick for coming back from 2 sets down on clay. However part of what gets you into the top 10 is that...
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    who is this?! lmao

    someones LOVES their tennis...