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    Andy Murray is unhappy with the poor attendance at the China Open.

    I am convinced that the problem's cause is something that no one has talked about much yet: stadium architecture. Beijing center court is basically the worst version of Madrid's Caja Magica and French Open's court-PC style design: an "all VIP" lower ring with each few couple of seats —some of...
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    Best English speakers on tour (besides native speakers)

    Dude, almost every human being on the planet speaks in an accent closer to American than British English as a second language despite the fact that (here in Europe for example) the English we get in schools is indeed "officially" British and not American.
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    Solved - why Europeans dominate tennis

    I hear that a lot from pundits but it's a nonsensical lazy trope. Tennis was the less lucrative option for yankee boys in the 70s and 80s and 90s too— Yet those eras did produce world beating tennis pros on that side of the pond So the OP's lists of problems and the "factory player" format is...
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    Best English speakers on tour (besides native speakers)

    Garbage. On one hand you pretend Federer's English is so good that it's almost as good as "native" due to his mother's legacy — but then on the other hand you claim his English isn't as good as Djoker. Typical fan logic: "my fave is better at everything than the player I hate". And when...
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    Crazy Stat: Federer won his first 7 Slam finals

    And that —ladies and gentlemen— is why he is GOAT, and Nadal is not.
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    Poll. Laver Cup World vs Europe isn´t working. What other kind of match-ups might work better?

    The current system is the best. Any other geographical division is even more imbalanced. This was created with the idea that Europe was already strong, that's why it was isolated from the rest. Had this been the 1970s it would have made more sense to divide it US versus the rest. The better...
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    Nadal out of Laver Cup

    No one kills Nadal. He's as usual hibernating till Melbourne+clay 2020
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    10/10 and I don't even like animes. "Spirited Away" is an absolutely outstanding treasure of a film that can go toe to toe with any other coming-of-age storytelling in any format.
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    Does Laver Cup have a Serious Problem?

    It's an exhibition. So of course the format is contrived and it can be changed if the it doesn't work. You (the negative Nancy who opened this thread) have bothered to type a huge paragraph full of complaints yet failed to provide a single alternative. That stands out a bit. What do you suggest...
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    Djokovic is the only one, who can save men's tennis

    True. Media invented the slam count obsession during Sampras peak because there was nothing else to talk about him/talk with him on any subject, tennis or otherwise.
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    Djokovic is the only one, who can save men's tennis

    Djokovic is the only one, who can save men's tennis Then where the hell is he? Why did he fail to sort out Wawrinka for so long... even women have sorted out Wawrinka (ex wife, Vekic, Mirka...) yet Djoker...
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    Crowd will be anti Nadal

    While Medvedev has achieved a miracle and has actually managed to silence the booing and even get a positive reception in his last match (lol that Djokovic is still failing at this after 10+ years) however no, the crowd will not go against Nadal. They'll likely be positive to both. Neither is a...
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    Can we start a petition to ban pros from having that ugly ass lipstick red wilson bag?

    Transparent Djoko Stan complaining about Wilson How about being less of a two-faced treacherous hypocrite for once? The biggest eyesore at the US Open is that cartoonish, extremely bright yellow HEAD racket. It looked like an oversized kids toy or as if someone put their colorless frame in a...
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    Federer wont be happy with Stan

    Actually he does have a baggage.