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    Federer is 4-10 in GS finals against Djokodal

    Agreed. Every year that Federer continues to make slam finals, will diminish his legacy a bit more.
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    Felix has the Federer forehand, has anybody else noticed this?

    I'm just talking about the technique, not necessarily the effect. When Federer had a 90-inch racquet, he would begin his forehand with an extremely relaxed wrist, so that just before contact, the racquet was almost perpendicular to his arm: This setup produces incredible racquet head speed...
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    Ranking Fed's 11 Wimbledon Final opponents

    Murray 2012 gets underrated, if they hadn't closed the roof it would have been a much tougher match for Fed. But he is unstoppable indoors.
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    Federer is 2/5 in Wimbledon finals against GOAT candidates

    Federer has never played himself at Wimbledon. So he is 0-0 against GOAT candidates.
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    What did Fed do differently from Baby Fed?

    Hmm, really? Fed was inconsistent (as he always is these days), but when things were clicking... he was pretty incredible. I mean his third set in the final was maybe the best set he's ever played against Nadal. And the back half of the fifth was also dominant. I just can't remember the last...
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    2015 US Open semi-final: Federer vs. Wawrinka

    Federer accidentally turning on godmode. It's too early Roger! Wait for the final!
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    2006 Roger Federer v 2011 Novak Djokovic

    This is a discussion board... if you didn't want people to respond to your post, you shouldn't have posted it.
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    2006 Roger Federer v 2011 Novak Djokovic

    So you think that 2006 Fed is about the same level of player as 2015 Fed? That's very obviously wrong. Really, it's almost impossible to make an argument for Djokovic here. In 2011 Federer took him to the limit at the US Open and actually beat him at the French. 2006 Federer is miles better...
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    Is Fed the best when getting outplayed?

    Pretty stupid thing to say. Federer struggles against Nadal and Djokovic because they're 5 years younger than him, not because he can't play against good players under pressure. To the main topicL Federer does seem to win an unusual number of sets where he takes less than half the points. It...
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    Does Murray leave a lot to be desired?

    Murray has real weaknesses, but he deserves absolutely no criticism right now. If a player has had back surgery in the last year, you should always attribute his problems of the moment to that.
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    Wimbledon: 2006 Federer vs. 2008 Nadal

    How can anybody think this is Nadal? 2008 Nadal barely beat 2008 Federer at Wimbledon. 2006 Federer was a completely different level of player on grass.
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    How weird is it going to be to have Nadal as the undisputed GOAT?

    No, he's gone through a weak clay field to win practically all his slams... Federer has more victories (1) over peak Djokovic than Nadal does (0). See, two can play at this dumbass weak-era game.
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    greatest choke in the history of tennis.

    Did you not watch today's match? For about six games Djokovic smacked Nadal around in exactly the same way that he did in 2011. Then he started hitting tons of UEs again. Rafa is not that much better than he was in 2011, and if Djokovic could play the way he did back then, Rafa would go back...
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    How weird is it going to be to have Nadal as the undisputed GOAT?

    The only way Nadal will ever be the consensus GOAT is if 2004 - 2007 somehow gets deleted from history. But he does have a pretty good shot at the slam record, and it will be weird if he captures it.
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    USO 2013 Men's Final - Nadal v. Djokovic (with poll!)

    Son of god remembering who he is...