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    Pro Wrestling - Stars, Feuds, Accidents, Bloopers, Hall of Fame

    Did you guys see the match on Monday between Mickie James and Asuka? Was it a screw job? It reminds me of Brett Hart vs Shawn Michaels.
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    The Decline of Proper Cushioning

    I really don't know which ones are good for tennis or not, but here's the current lineup.
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    pro players strenth

    I don't think tennis players look very strong when you compare them to other professional athletes. Certainly when you look at basketball, baseball, and especially football, tennis players look weak by comparison. However, I think if you compare them to the average guy or even the average adult...
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    The Decline of Proper Cushioning

    Forefoot cushioning only sucks if you look at tennis shoes. With running shoes you have those funny looking Hokas that are so thick your forefeet are an inch off the ground. With basketball shoes it's not uncommon to see shoes with better forefoot cushioning than heel cushioning. One of the...
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    How to Get Back Into Weightlifting??

    Here's what I'm doing. I keep track of all my lifts on a phone app. First week I did about 80% effort. Not too hard, very safe. Every week after that I do a little bit better on every exercise. That's usually an extra rep or a little more weight on my heaviest set, but it could even be another...
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    Working out at home is better.

    The gym works best for me because of the heavy weights, but apparently this home gym stuff is really catching on. You can't buy a dumbbell online and they are all sold out at the stores!!
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    It’s starting to become tough on my mental health to not play tennis especially that the weather is getting nicer!

    Watch what you say. The censorship police will delete all your social media posts!!
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    Last shoes you "stocked up" on?

    Right now the only shoes worth stocking up are the ones that come with a roll of toilet paper. :laughing:
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    Extended length Frames Compromise

    Switching between the Pro Kennex Ki 5X and Ki 5 was a little more noticeable than I thought it would be and the difference was 0.5". The difference did seem pretty big at first, but eventually I got used to it.
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    What should a gym goer like myself do during this Coronavirus Lockdown?

    I'm a powerlifter too. In my case, I can benefit from losing a few pounds even if my weights go down and I can get myself to a lower weight class, so I'm going on a diet and going for walks/runs with my dog.
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    best weight training work out plan for tennis

    I will be 55 in May. Don't listen to the guys who say it won't help your game. It will help your game, and at the very least it will help you to stay injury free, which has to be a top priority at your age. Overall, I like your workout. Personally, I would integrate more back and pulling...
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    Is the fitness tracker or elliptical more accurate?

    The most accurate HR monitors are the chest monitors. Wrist and hand monitors are less than optimal. If you're using a chest monitor with your elliptical machine than I'd go with the elliptical. If you're using one of those handlebars, then I'd probably go with the Fitbit as long as you have a...
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    switching to meat/plant based diet to just plant based diet

    I'm not picky. In fact, I'm not picky enough. I eat way too much junk. However, going Vegan is not about being picky or not picky, it's a radically different lifestyle, and it's not natural because man has been eating meat since prehistoric times. I happen to know people who were Vegan at one...
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    switching to meat/plant based diet to just plant based diet

    Don't worry be happy might work if you normally include enough animal protein and veggies in your diet, but if you're a vegan and you're not watching your protein, your "don't worry be happy" period might not last as long as you think. I hate to be a party pooper, but a lack of certain essential...
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    Babolat Aero 2019 for players suffering from TE

    Don't count on the newer version to help. You'll probably need a new racquet and/or strings. The first thing to do is try a soft multifilament string. I'm certain it will help but not so certain it will completely cure your problem. If it doesn't then you might have to switch to a new racquet.