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    CURES for tennis elbow

    I went to see a osteopath, he was awesome. changed raquets (more flex) and started using natural gut hybrids Never had any pain since.
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    The gut/poly thread

    Hi all Im getting back into tennis after a 4 year break. I use a Donnay Pro One 97 I used to string it with Babolat Team VS/MSV co-focus or Mosquito bite at 55/52 Is this still a good combo? I kind of need it to last a fair while so looking for crosses that wont cut into the gut Cheers!
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    Will Tomic vs. Nadal be the biggest beatdown in AO history?

    Groin injury. Made the right choice IMO
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    Did Umpire stop Wawrinka for winning a 1st slam ? (AO 2013)

    He was not out of challenges I think he trusted Nole and the umpire. Huge mistake. Anyway, he might not have been able to serve out the match anyway.
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    Did Umpire stop Wawrinka for winning a 1st slam ? (AO 2013)

    A player should never make the call if the ball is in our out. That is up to the linesman and umpire. That's a basic rule of pro tennis that Nole broke, and Stan must have trusted him... This is why people don't like Nole...Myself included
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    The biggest thing Federer can do to improve right now...

    he needs to be more aggressive and try to end points quicker. I noticed against Hewitt he was happy to just rally, when there were short balls begging to be hit for winners down the line using his forehand.
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    Did Umpire stop Wawrinka for winning a 1st slam ? (AO 2013)

    What I noticed when watching the match live, (and again on the replay) was not the bad call by the linesman or the umpire, it was the FACT that Nole signalled the ball out and pointed to the mark! Cheat! I was disgusted by this, and it obviously messed with the umpire's head, and probably...
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    Djokovic is suffering from burn out

    it's clear the drugs aren't having the same effect on him...
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    Wozniacki's blackout racquet?

    Become number 1, then switch racquets.. /facepalm
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    39 minute match

    If Roger had used a bigger racquet, it would have been over in 20 mins
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    What happened to the GREAT tennis shoes?

    Do they still make these?
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    Serena Williams' real racquet

    tennis players are just strange people in general.. name one other sport where they are so pedantic about their equipment?
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    Struggling with tennis - mentally and physically

    If you have changed your technique and you are hitting the ball long, then you need to hit with more spin, or you need to change your racquet/strings/tension or both... If you think you might hit long, this causes you to hold back on your stroke, and you hit more long balls because your not...
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    Djokovic's outfit for French Open

    Sergio Tacchini rip off from 80's/90's