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    Your favourite cheese?

    Gruyère is of course the real king of cheeses. I hope you buy the real thing from the Gruyères region, and not some copy. I saw that an american court recently denied the protection for the Gruyere AOP, which is an scandal. Cheese is one of the biggest pleasures in life. I'll give up eating...
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    How fed up are you of Nadal and Djokovic?

    ATP and ITF have created a situation where tennis audience is completely dependant on 3 players (now 2) - they are milking the cow until it collapses. This won't finish well. OP : infinitely.
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    2022 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    I undestand your frustration, I myself cannot wait for the young ones to take over. But still, IMO there's a big difference between a 25 yo and and 20 yo man, be it on mental strength, tennis skills or stamina. We shouldn't have to rely on the very young players to beat Djokodal, the 25-30 yo...
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    2022 Wimbledon QF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    Guys, Sinner is not even 21 yet. The guy on the other side of the net has a huge experience of big slam matches. Allow the boy some time to mature !
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    So disappointed at WB crowd

    Plus he's rather handsome.
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    That's exactly the french pronunciation for the manly appendage.
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    Rafalites vs Federerites.

    Cool down friend! Life is short and tennis discussion is but a unimportant activity.
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    Rafalites vs Federerites.

    Almost every post in this thread is hilariously biased. You members of the VB are as arrogant as can be at the moment. Seriously, I hope we weren't that insufferable when Rogi was domining tennis.
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    Gilles Cervara storms off after Medvedev screams at him

    They said on Eurosport Fr that he didn't work with his mental coach anymore. Maybe he should rehire her...
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    Mark Woodforde creates a tennis legend... do you agree?

    Thank you for developing my point :giggle:
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    Words of Wisdom from Denis Shapovalov.

    Is Queen's Club really still males only? If it's true it's seriously fuched up and Shapo is absolutely right in criticizing it.