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    Nadal: “It’s strange that someone like Djokovic with so much success reacts this way from time to time”

    You know that ain't true. Just tell me one time when he made that kind of excuse, I mean, a truthful one. Anyway, smashing rackets or throwing them off are defenitely not an sportmanship example, and thus, normally players are given a warning due to that reason. This time that didn't ocurr.
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    Nadal is unplayable at the moment.

    Djokovic is GOAT
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    Has Nadal been extraordinarily lucky at the French Open?

    Borg only won 6 French Open. I know he retired early, but still, he wouldn't have equaled Nadal's.
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    Clay is holding back the sport

    I mean basketball is pretty mainstream worldwide and americans are always the best ones in the Olympics, so...
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    Clay is holding back the sport

    Yep. And it is strange how a country with all that tennis base and a population over 320 million people, doesn't have any good current player. Amazing. Maybe that's why some americans are so salty?
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    Clay is holding back the sport

    The other way around. Most of the season has hard courts, with so little clay tournaments and even less grass ones. And I don't understand the reason.
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    Has Nadal been extraordinarily lucky at the French Open?

    Nope. He would have the same. Why? Because he is better than all of them combined, so he would have taken all their French in that era. And you would still be saying that he had no competition back then because he would have won it all, like in this era lol.
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    Has Nadal been extraordinarily lucky at the French Open?

    haha sure, cause chanching the balls and having night games doesn't count at all.
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    Casper Ruud calls Nadal a clay specialist

    even at the WTF? Don't think so...
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    What is more likely to happen in 2021?

    None. Nadal will win the French, and Djokovic the USO and WB.
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    Congratulations to Novak fans

    Congrats. But what's the reason for playing a 250 right before a GS if not for habing a new title, just for stadistics...
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    Draws are NOT rigged

    A Nadal and Djokovic match would happen anyway, no matter the rivals, they are just the best ones. And it's better for the tournament to get that in the F than in the SF.
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    You most loved year for your Big 3 guy

    2013. Came back from a long and difficult injury. And what a comeback...