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    Yonex or Asics?

    Like anything, fit depends on your foot shape, etc... For me, the Yonex's were too narrow and caused me problems. Can't comment on wear because I play almost exclusively on clay.
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    NRG2 replacement...

    The closest thing I've found to NRG2 (and 1/2 the price) is Pro Supex Maxim Touch. Don't know how easy it is to get there, though.
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    Full VS touch tension

    What string are you currently using?
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    Upper Valley area of VT/NH?

    Look into the programs at the Woodstock Inn. Or are you further up? If so, try Top Notch at Stowe.
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    Is Steam Coming Out Of My Ears Yet?

    I give you credit, Cindy. I'd rather stick my head in the oven than captain again for all the frustration it causes.
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    Maxim Touch users...

    I string full beds for at least 8 different players ranging from a 3.5 man to 4.5 men and women. Most of the people were using NRG or X-1 and like the savings without a significant decrease in performance.
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    What do you do with the wind?

    I break the wind.
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    Need Your Help: Stand for Alpha Revo 4000

    I now have mine on a Black and Decker Workmate. Perfect height, solid, and has holes in the top so I can zip tie the legs of the Revo to make it immoveable.
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    Hardest string to string

    Another vote for Gamma Ruff (in a Head racquet with cap grommets!)
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    senior tournaments and traveling?

    The whole outdoor season is on clay (Har-Tru) here in New England. Come on out!
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    experience w/ knee injections-hyalgan, synvisc or other artifical synovial fluid

    I tried the synvisc injections and I didn't notice any improvement. It's also important to note that I was still playing and practicing 6 days a week so I was abusing my knees at the time.
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    Valid method for testing if clamps are tight enough?

    My first reel of PS Maxim Touch was VERY oily. I would almost automatically clean the clamps before and after every job. My 2nd reel was much better. What I do now is use a starting clamp as a backup when I start the mains. To know if the clamps are tight enough, I took a piece off the set I...
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    How do you measure 40ft from a reel?

    In my house, I loop string through the refrigerator handle and have marked a spot exactly 20 feet from that point (which happens to be in the living room.) I estimate the 19, 18, and 17 foor marks from that spot.
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    Global Gut/Gaucho Gut Breakage Survey

    Emerson is the parent company that produces Global Gut.
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    What would you compare Maxim Touch to?

    I think it's a lot like NRG2 in terms of power and feel.