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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    Federer probably would have shredded Verdasco with variety. He’s never lost to him in his entire career. Veedadco did play a great match but he’s never won a single Masters Series title or even made a grand slam final in his entire career. Safin, Ferrero and Hewitt have all won grand slams...
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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    Time to get absolutely shredded bud. Nadal beat Gilles Simon and Verdasco in the quarters and semis respectively. Both of these players are nowhere near the caliber of Nalbandian, Hewitt, Safin or Ferrero. You should be forced to issue a written apology to this board for posting such crap...
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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    i can’t recall Nadal or Djokovic ever winning a slam with a tougher draw than that.
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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    You’re a clown if you don’t think Hewitt, Nalbandian, Ferrero and Safin back to back is not a brutal draw. You don’t know Jack about tennis.
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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    Nowadays grand slams are a joke and basically not worth watching until the semi-finals. The first five rounds are almost a waste of time. Compare that with this tournament where you’re facing top competition by round 4.
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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    Sure but look who Federer had to go through. How was he not gassed having to go through Hewitt, Nalby and Ferrero. A prime Hewitt in the fourth round is brutal. Safin also had a brutal draw having to go through Roddick, Agassi and a few other good opponents. The depth of the tour was just unreal...
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    Federer 2004 Australian Open

    Just went back and watched some highlights of Federer from this tournament. His draw was absolutely brutal. He went through a prime Hewitt, Nalbandian, Ferrero and Safin in a row. This has to be one of the toughest draws of all time. The Nalbandian match was some of the best shotmaking from both...
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    do lefties have a better chance to be successful in professional tennis?

    You would think that but the day before the actual match it’s probably difficult. I remember years ago Federer had to resort to getting an old Ivanisevic to spar with him. An old Ivanisevic hits with nowhere near the spin of Nadal. Verdasco is probably the only guy that would really be adequate...
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    do lefties have a better chance to be successful in professional tennis?

    Brad Gilbert mentioned the slight advantage in his book. A lefty has played his whole career having a righty go cross-court to his backhand so he is used to it. A righty on the other hand does not encounter the same pattern as often therefore he is more likely to have trouble with it. It’s...
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    Definitive list for Federer records that will stand the test of time

    Federer should realistically have 23-25 slams right now. He’s lost a lot of slam final heartbreakers that he should have won. I feel like Nadal and Djokovic have had to claw and scratch for everything they have won. They don’t really have any missed opportunities like Federer does. Federer...
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    Kyrgios slams Novak's dad for blaming Dimitrov

    99% of the time if the parents are both ***** chances are the child is a dick.
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    Does anyone have video of celebrities playing?

    I heard Gavin Rossdale was a pretty solid player.
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    Federer vs Kuerten age issue-poll

    People always bring up RG 2004 which was a great performance but didn’t Fed bagel Kuerten on clay just after Kuerten won the FO for the third time?
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    Federer chances at the US Open

    Federer is terrible at the US Open. The conditions are way too slow and humid and heavily favour grinders. You know the surface is garbage when even Del Potro can’t blast a forehand winner.
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    Let’s talk about Andy Murray’s backhand

    Murray was way too reluctant to go down the line and played too passive with it. He did have an excellent slice for a two hander though.