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    What's special about Ruud?

    He’s got absolutely zero net game, a weak return game, no backhand down the line, no drop shots etc. He basically stands 20 feet back and tries to hit heavy low risk topspin with his forehand. He ain’t no Federer.
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    What's special about Ruud?

    He’s a one dimensional topspin robot so he appeals to a lot of Nadal fans.
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    Roger Federer reflects on Novak Djokovic's 'exceptional year'

    You don’t think Fed has faced tremendous pressure before? I would argue the pressure he faced after Nadal went down at 2009 RG was more than what Novak faced at the US Open. Novak just had to beat a couple bums in Medvedev and Zverev. He should have been feeling great knowing the competition...
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    Federers backhand vs Rafa

    This is just idiotic. You’re comparing Jack Sock playing a 35 year old injured Nadal on hard court to Fed playing a 21 year Nadal at his peak at RG? There are no special tactics Federer can use to avoid having to hit above shoulder high backhands. The only solution is to go 100% aggressive and...
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    Federers backhand vs Rafa

    Becker and Lendl aren’t doing anything to combat Nadal on clay. Sometimes you just have to admit another individual is just better on another surface and has your number. The racquet change would have helped his backhand consistency but it also hurt his forehand big time. I’ve just accepted that...
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    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    Nadal was at his peak athletically from 2005-2007 which was one of the primary reasons Fed struggled so much. Nadal’s defending was incredible during those years. Nadal improved certain aspects of his game after that but his movement was never better than during that time period.
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    Is there a stat in which Fed is better than Djoker on clay

    The only stat you need to know is that an ancient Federer took down an absolute peak Djokovic at the French in 4 sets. It’s the equivalent of someone taking down a peak 2006 Wimbledon Fed in 4 sets.
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    Federers backhand vs Rafa

    What the hell do you expect him to do about that tactic? He’s playing a best of 5 on slow high bouncing clay with a one hander against the best grinder of all time with the best lefty forehand of all time. He tried to change it up in 2008 with stupid net approaches and got butchered. Wawrinka...
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    Why was Federer incapable of beating Nadal at RG, unlike Djokovic?

    You’re an idiot. Nadal was in his athletic prime from 2005-2008. His speed and defensive abilities were off the charts. Nobody was a better defender than a young Nadal.
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    Stepanek is a much better play than Kyrgios

    Kyrgios despite an underachiever possesses a devastating weapon. Stepanek while a really good player has no serious weapon. Guys who possess serious weapons will always get more attention. Ferrer was a workhorse and a good player but you always knew he had zero shot to beat the top dogs in a...
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    Average height of top10

    Height is definitely an advantage when it comes to serving and ground strokes when the majority of the tour courts are high bouncing. In the past the really tall guys were usually terrible movers and movement is so important in tennis. Medvedev moves extremely well for a tall guy.
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    Players that use the buggy whip forehand the majority of the time?

    Fed’s been doing it a ton the last 5 years and it’s complete garbage compared to the explosive take back he used to have in 2004-2007. I miss the way he used to explode into everything on the forehand side. I think his forehand was at its absolute best in 2005.
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    Novak Djokovic and the battle for the unprecedented 7th year ending number one title

    Medvedev just made the supposed GOAT look like a club player in straight sets. A 2015 Fed put up a hell of a lot better fight against a prime Djokovic. Djokovic has been beating up on injured veterans and young underachievers for years.