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    A Solution to Limit Sandbagging in USTA

    I wouldn't limit observation to the self rated, everyone would be subject to an on the spot evaluation. But I've dropped USTA so sandbaggers are no longer my problem.
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    Babolat Elastocross String Savers

    Ahhh, that simple explanation makes the more spin vs less spin/flat result understandable, plausible. Very nice, thank you. Tempted to try them again.
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    Babolat Elastocross String Savers

    I they offer some benefit for you, use 'em, great.
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    Babolat Elastocross String Savers

    Adds spin? I felt they flatted out the string bed, the string savers didn't put any "bite" on the ball thus resulting in a flatter ball. We know Sampras and Fed used them but Fed uses so few in his string bed I confess to not understanding where the benefit comes from especially as the ball...
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    Stefanos must fire his family to salvage his career

    I can't name them all but there seems to be a long, tortured history in tennis of parents clashing with their young adult/adult tennis playing offspring.
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    Ideas to get more younger people involved in tennis?

    Do away with football, basketball, baseball, soccer and maybe golf. Fat chance. Younger people growing up in European, Eastern European and South American countries have soccer, tennis and maybe a little basketball to choose from. And with pickleball coming on, who knows, pickleball is pulling...
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    Fed's tennis future...

    Charity foundation work for his and others with special exhibitions for special, named, causes. Not just any old senior's tour for tennis royalty.
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    Nick Kyrgios apologises to Ania Palus after he said she’d had ‘700 drinks’ during Wimbledon Men’s final

    Nahhhhhh. Kyrgios shouldn't have to be allowed to play in another ATP event in my life time. A** Jerk.
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    If AO had stayed on grass ...

    It doesn't matter.
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    How should I go forward? Tennis league

    "stupid politics," sandbagging and having to play when others who paid lip service early in the season who later are '' unavailable" are big reasons I left USTA and play recreationally only. in the end because you move on (i.e. other commitments) is your business.
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    Will career slams be the norm or were the Big 3 just making a mockery of the sport?

    Different perceptions of making a mockery of the sport. Nick Kyrgios makes a mockery of the sport as well as himself. Those other three excelled beyond where the sport had ever been, raised it beyond all expectations with dignity and respect. No mockery there.
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    Will career slams be the norm or were the Big 3 just making a mockery of the sport?

    Don't know what making a mockery of the sport is supposed to mean but career slams will not be the norm. Speculate that we'll see more parity with two to four majors per player being the norm with a healthy smattering of one major per player.
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    Was there a worse sendoff than Federer's

    Laver Cup is a glorified exhibition. There he didn't have to lose in the fourth round +/- of a major to whomever. Certainly he weighed his options and supposed doubles with Rafa was a sure way to go out with a win. Didn't work out that way so anticlimactic it was to a tremendous career.
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    Which companies exit from tennis hurts you the most?

    Perhaps Head racquets made in Austria or Wilson made in USA.
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    Pain in the wrist

    consider getting a good tennis pro to look at your forehand, an improved technique might prevent, using stiff strings and racquet might also contribute.