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    Best shoes for wet hard court

    Drink warm beer
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    Best shoes for wet hard court

    ...and no shoe is "made" for playing on a wet hard court....stay off wet courts.
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    One match (if won) would completely change a player's place in tennis history?

    I appreciate your knowledge of tennis history. Good post.
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    Nick the commentator.

    Nito ATP Finals now has Nick K. as a color commentator, he's doing a good job. So how could he be such a loose cannon on court but now reveals an analytical, intelligent insight about points played and players? There's more to it than, oh gee, he couldn't handle the pressure.
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    Mark Philippoussis - Should he have won at least a slam?

    He liked to party, his work ethic suffered as a result. Could've been, should've been, would've been.....he blew it.
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    How do you cope with a weak partner in doubles?

    What kills a doubles team are critical statements and comments about what the other partner should or shouldn't be doing. If one can't remember that no one is getting paid for recreational tennis, USTA or otherwise, stick with singles.
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    What is Pete Sampras' legacy today?

    His on court workman like demeanor, not creating drama and controversy worked against his popularity and unfairly diminishes his memory and legacy. In his era, he was the most feared opponent anyone could face.
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    Does pickleball remind you of tennis with wooden racquets?

    The rules make it less like tennis and more like standup ping pong. No overhead serves, no slice serves. the server’s arm must be shifting in an upward arc/an upward motion – not sideways like hitting a groundstroke, or side arming it. ... The ball must come into contact with the paddle...
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    5 months with Tennis Elbow so far; help :-(

    Consider lessons from a good pro, after watching you hit he may point out movements that are causing TE and make corrections to prevent. If improper technique is causing TE it will never go away until you change.
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    Peak Serena Williams using her Modern Racquet vs Peak (Borg/Mcenroe/Laver) using Wooden Racquets ...Who Wins?

    Is this question relevant? It is broadly hypothetical. Is a biplane better than a single wing prop plane, is a turboprop better than a prop plane, is a jet better than a turbo prop. Maybe we should appreciate players, conditions, equipment, etc., from each era for what they were then. Example...
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    Finally a new RF97

    $429.95. Sold out. It's beautiful but come on, you going to feel the force and play like Fed w/that in hand? Doesn't work that way.
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    Accepting that you cannot use poly strings

    At 66 yrs old, it was easy to accept I couldn't use co-poly, much less poly even using co-poly in a hybrid set up. Using Wilson natural gut 17g, very comfortable. Too expensive? You can't buy a new elbow or a new wrist.
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    New Southern Rule for 2024

    A*s backwards USTA rule makes it more difficult to form a team by not being able to pull from all available sources. This will facilitate even more players to leave USTA. Ditch USTA.