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    IsoSpeed Cream

    Play full bed in Clash 100 and Blade 98 v7 16x19. Have it at 42lbs in the blade and love the pocketing feel I get from it. Better feel than Tour Bite Soft IMO, but less durability. Quite a lot more spin than a multi, like NRG or Sensation, but noticeably less spin than TB Soft. More crisp...
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    We Do Not Blame The Djoker For Not Attending Post Match Interview.

    Have seen a healthy teenage junior, dropped by a similarly paced ball that he took to that exact same spot. Exact same reaction...gasping and fell to ground. It is shocking and scary to see in person.
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    The Solution Speed FF can’t be that bad, can it?

    Lots of different foot types and lots of different movement types. I find Speed FF comfortable and move more confidently than with the FF2 (narrow foot). Have never had overheating issues in Speed FF, even in the 90+ Florida heat, but I don’t usually have overheating in most shoes. I’m also...
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    I have 3 grams at 10 & 2 and a shock shield grip on my Clash 98s, which brings them up to 12 1/4 oz. It still doesn't match the stability of a stock v7 blade (I've only hit with the 16x19 V7), but helps. The launch angle of the Clash 98 will be very different than a V7 18x20 and will take some...
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    The Clash 98 will cure some of the vagueness, in that the sweet spot is quite a bit smaller than the 100s. It takes more adjustment and is more difficult to just pick up and play than the 100s because of this. If I'm playing old school, serve and volley I grab my Phantom 100 18x20. If...
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    Bottom line is that if you want to customize for a specific goal, Roman or Sean are as able as anyone in the world to help you.
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    Mine was just simply matching one racquet to another and I think it was only about $50. Don’t know how long it took to do the work but they had it done 24 hours later.
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    I’ve had his son do some racquets for me. Super nice and knowledgeable. Took time to explain exactly what needed to be done to match my racquets and why. I would add that I didn’t know who he was at the time. He just gave the impression of being extremely knowledgeable without feeling like he...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Short of switching to Natural gut or lowering your NXT tension down 5-10lbs, you probably won't get a whole lot more comfort out of strings without gaining more power at the expense of control. The Clash is already in a class of its own for comfort, so you already made a good choice. I...
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    Murray will never make top 40

    Watched him in a couple of practices before the Gasquet match and you could tell his serve was going to be a problem. Velocity and accuracy not there yet. But I think his serve can be fixed with time. I thought his movement looked okay. He's trimmed down a little bit (not as much muscle and...
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    Clash 98 Customization Suggestion

    I’ve added a few grams of lead at 10 and 2 which ups the swing weight and stability a bit. With OG and dampener I’m right at 11 3/4 oz. I have a few shock shield grips on the shelf, but so far enjoying with just that small amt of lead. Tour Bite at 52lbs gets me the launch angle I want, but...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Either clash 100 will be a big adjustment coming from a dr98. You’ll have quite a bit less control and a way higher launch angle. The clash 98 might be worth a demo as it’s similar in control and launch angle but still a little more power and spin than the dr.
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    Who thinks the Wilson Clash series ?

    After hitting with the clash 100 for 2 months as my primary racquet and now adding the 98 to the mix, I’d offer the following thoughts: 1. I’ve never hit with a racquet series where the power difference is so pronounced between full gut and fully poly. 2. I can see why so many gut and multi...
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    Starting a Tennis Club

    I know, I know. Just don't want to see someone lose their shirt with a tennis-only facility. The tennis player in me hears the shrill sound of wiffle balls and cringes, but the businessman in me sees $ signs...and a giant sound deadening curtain to mute the pickleball noise.
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    Starting a Tennis Club

    If I was starting a club and there weren’t enough indoor pickleball courts in my area, I’d be be all over making sure I could satisfy that demand and have pickleball in my plans. In my area it’s an unstoppable wave. Not my thing, but he economics of getting more customers per square foot can’t...