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    ALTRA makes Tennis/Crossfit shoe. Wide toebox fans rejoice.

    Also curious if anybody has given the HIIT XTs a try on the courts? As someone who's had to take a couple months off of tennis, first a bad ankle sprain and now dealing with a neuroma and capsulitis in the met pad of my second toe, I'm obviously seriously looking at making some changes in the...
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    For me, Fed has surpassed Jordan, Brady and Gretzky

    I think they were all great in their time (of course Fed and Brady are still going at it). Gretzky's records were ridiculous, he's at the top of so many records in the NHL. He has almost 1,000 points more than anybody else has ever attained, it's crazy! Huge Fed fan, so glad he got number 20...
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    Alexander Zverev - sky is the limit.

    Against a healthy Fed he was badly outclassed in Halle. But that's the main issue with the vets now. After all the years of wear and tear, is Federer reaching the end of his run? Where Zverev is still vulnerable is when you can execute drop shots and get him running North to South. He's still...
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    Did Djokovic lose his motivation because he thought Nadal and Federer were done?

    Or maybe we can take Djokovic at his word that he is genuinely injured, had an elbow condition that became progressively worse entering into 2017. Would constant flaring pain stymy ambition and effectiveness on the court? As someone who's struggled with tennis elbow myself, yes it certainly can.
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    When did tennis became truly popular?

    And Borg could be holding all the records today if he didn't walk away from the game at 25 years old. Just think of how much tennis he still had in him.
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    When did tennis became truly popular?

    Tennis took off during the 70s. Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, with Mac coming on at the end of that decade.
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    When did tennis became truly popular?

    Technology has killed many an outdoor activity. Kids today are more prone to sitting in front of their computer screen playing Grand Theft Auto for hours at a time, instead of getting out and participating with other people. I also remember many a time showing up at the local courts around the...
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    Philipp Kohlschreiber quits while playing Florian Mayer

    Too bad. Kohli's a solid player and looked like he was on his way, I caught a good chunk of the first set. Hip injuries are no fun.
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    Forehand POWER Tennis Lesson - Kinetic Chain Technique like Federer

    I'll be the first to admit I have my imperfections on the tennis court. Recently I've been going through a protracted slump where too many of my forehands were floating long. Couple things going on with that, but chiefly hitting a little late to where my topspin was compromised with too much of...
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    Held the RF97 in my hand breaker :(

    Agreed, on both counts. I'd qualify the RF97A as a very solid, stable racquet.
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    Toni Nadal : Wimbledon is like a small event. They help some players

    Why the pettiness from the Nadal camp? Gracious winners and SORE losers!
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    Rafa complains about same players getting center court preferential treatment

    Rafa has always been a sore loser. At least he's not complaining about an injury that nobody was aware of prior to the match, but for Rafa to whine after a loss is not unusual.
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    Wawrinka's real racquet specs

    Oh yeah, topspin was making it's way into the game, especially with Borg coming onto the scene. I'm about in my mid-50s now, but can remember when I was 13 (mid-70s), playing in a 13-15 tournament and ran up against a kid a couple years older than me who was laying heavy topspin on me. I was...
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    RF97 at Roland Garros 2017

    I'm with you on that. No longer will I attribute tennis elbow strictly to the stiffness of a given racquet, it's a combination of factors. The RF97A has mass, big factor in offsetting the impact to your elbow/arm/shoulder at ball contact. Also keep your strings fresh, especially if poly is in...
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    Why are all the new Wilsons heavier?

    I guess I've lucked out in my experiences with the RF97A. My first demo was through a local shop, strung without dampener, overgrip, any modifications, 12.6 oz. Took out a 2nd demo from TW, same thing, purchased a new racquet, same thing, 12.6 oz (shrugs shoulders).