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    WTB: soft drive original 16x19 in L3

    I have one for sale
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    Babolat Soft Drive

    have one original first generation
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    Fischer Vacuum pro comp silver yellow

    L4 or L5 wanted. regards
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    Becker world champion racket

    the grommets on the world champion are different to the old pumas.
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    Wilson Pro Staff midsize Belgium made

    L 4 gripsize. these are the ones with letter B ond the end of the butt cap code like HVB. regards
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    Völkl Tr 25 or TR 30 Racket

    old school red Völkl rackets in L4 or L5 grips wanted. regards
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    quick release destroys my string

    hi on the new pros pro crank handle quick release system the chops made from pure iron and leave notches in my string. does anyone have this problem too? old chops were made from kind of black plastic. regards
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    do you have any white prince magnesium pro 90 rackets for sale?

    do you have any white prince magnesium pro 90 rackets for sale?
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    Who still uses a 10 year or older racket

    but not the white one!?
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    Wanted Rusedski Donnay

    any of this rackets for sale?
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    Donnay Pro One Supermidsize 95 sq. in Rusedski

    L4 or L5 gripsize. thanks
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    3 Prince Magnesium Pros

    you have found one? regards
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    donnay pro one midsize 95 16 x 18 (rusedski)

    wanted. L 4 gripsize
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    Dunlop Revelation Pro Tour Series 90 (philippoussis)

    Wanted. L4 gripsize.
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    Donnay Rusedski Pro

    wanted. L4 gripsize.