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    New Head Radical

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    New Head Radical

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    Racquet that plays like Pure Drive but lower RA?

    Hello , If you have issue with the elbow, and you search absolute confort , I would say Prince Beast 100 O3 , the Volkl VS8 , and the Pro Kennex Ki 10 . Or perhaps the Volkl V1 Classic with some lead , or the new Clash with natural gut .
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    No , it is the Prince Tour Exo3 Spécial Édition
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    Which racquet is in between a Pure Drive and a Pure Strike?

    Pro Kennex Q+5 290gr . Or 310gr if the mass is no a problem .
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    Your top 3 strings...

    1- Hyper G 17 2- Alu Power soft 3- Kirschbaum P2
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    Cross Strings with Gut Main

    Kirschbaum Max Power Rough , or Luxilon 4G or 4G Soft .
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    Best shaped poly/multi* hybrid?

    Solinco Tour Bite + Vanquish , or Solinco Revolution + Vanquish .
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    Differences b/w Luxilon Alu Power Range

    Yes , it’s the case now here in France .
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    Differences b/w Luxilon Alu Power Range

    Luxilon Alu Power , some new color ...
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    Increasing Two Grip Sizes

    Hello , You can also use a Lorow size up
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    2018 Pure Drive Tour

    Solinco Hyper G or Solinco Revolution at 47lbs . Or Polyfibre TCS Rough a 50lbs .
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    Soft but SOLID strings

    And Kirschbaum Competiton .
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    Most powerful round poly

    Indeed, they play very similar and are rather powerful. I will say that the Element is more comfortable and a little bit more forgiven .
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    Most powerful round poly

    Yes .