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    Is Grigor Dimitrov good looking?

    Is Sharapova?
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    US Open 2019 R1: Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova

    He also gave Venus a warning for coaching at the French one year. She wasn't too happy at the time.
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    Indian Wells 2017: [2]Novak Djokovic vs [15]Nick Kyrgios

    If I'm not mistaken murray was one of the few players that stood up for kyrgios in the past and they are friendly with each other..Is It really a coincidence that he's the only one he hasn't beaten of the big four? Blake alluded to that as well.. perhaps he has a hard time getting up for that...
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    New 'modern' forehand

    Maybe not so new..ever heard of sampras?
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    Mats Wilander: Scrap the let cord

    You do know that's possible now off of a groundstroke, right?
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    Serena tries to justify her USO outburst.

    Serena was questioned about that incident and her response was that she was berating herself..."move your feet you bi**h" is what she was saying after she was aced.
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    Best one-handed backhand to play the game?

    Andrei Pavel in my opinion.
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    Serena: nursing a broken heart?

    but it was implied by drak, that the crowd was justified in booing Serena, even though she wasn't the one that defaulted due to injury.
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    Serena: nursing a broken heart?

    Quote: Originally Posted by drakulie View Post ^^^ But she will sell-out thousands of fans before a match with her sister, and then when rightfully booed>> not ever play the tournament again.[/B] Serena was booed when Venus defaulted the match at Indian wells.