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    Please Critique my Groundstrokes :D

    I suggest trying to hit 100 balls in a row each, for a total of 200 shots in a rally as your first milestone. Try to get the ball to land dead in the middle of the court, right on the T, and don't let it bounce more than once before you hit it. Very very important.
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    TTW Current Top 10: I Ain’t Afraid of Ya List

    Shroud is a joy to hit with, he loves tennis so much that it rubs off on you from 78' away.
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    TTW Current Top 10

    I guarantee you feddaddy would **** on me, that guy hits so smooth and I wanted to hit like him the very first day I ever watched him play.
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    [Hypothetical match] Would you beat Federer in a best-of-3 match if...

    I think you guys seriously overestimate how good you are and seriously underestimate how good the pros are. 1 point for the regular posters here except for Jolly, he gets two.
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    Forehand update 2019

    I don't know how you feel when you hit, but this kind of analysis isn't really going to be helpful when you're doing it off court. You're trying to take note of way too many things at the same time, and it's the equivalent of a coach barraging you with suggestions- wasted effort. It's a good...
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    Updated Reconstructing my FH (Video+games)

    That's how I built my calves and legs. You'll never meet a former obese/fat boy turned gym bro who struggles with his calves.
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    Sharing my help and tennis tips

    Most of the people giving ratings have never seen recordings of themselves hitting. I feel like I'll give myself cancer if I watch myself hit for too long.
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    Junior Tennis on a budget...

    You can get part of the costs covered if your income qualifies for USTA Financial Need.
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    Unique one handed backhand racket take back/loop

    I don't think takebacks or follow throughs matter stylistically, as long as you can coil quick enough to get your shoulders and hips and legs into the shot, it's cool. Go nuts and do whatever you want, but the cleaner and more simple your technique is, the more repeatable it'll be and it'll be...
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    Unique one handed backhand racket take back/loop

    Yeah I skipped around, it's a combination of being completely off balance when he hits and being late on his contact points. My sense is that those two are connected, and there's a lot of jerky, body twisting of his weight into the ball to get the racket moving through. The best backhand he hit...
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    This is what me crackin' forehands sounds like...

    Your partner's backhand is silky smooth. That's good hitting!
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    Unique one handed backhand racket take back/loop

    I couldn't watch that backhand for more than 10 seconds, that is not my kind of aesthetic. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
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    Is "live ball" training for entertainment only? Why is it "fun"?

    More than 4 per court for either singles or doubles drills means you're being milked for your money, whoever is in charge is trying to accommodate way too many people on too few courts.
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    TT Showdown TennisProdigy vs. Ballbag (Full Match Video)

    His serve right now isn't weak because he's not tall, it's weak because his technique needs work. One of my really good friends isn't much taller than TP but never had an attackable serve from his placement and used it to stretch out people on the return. He peaked at a UTR 12 and played for a...
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    New StringSnapper video

    Nice hitting! I'd kill to be a lefty!