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    Fixing my volley

    0/3 for volleys but the meme is 10/10
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    Ideas for tennis camp or a tennis pro -- improvement desired

    There's a guy named Jesse Inghelram in SF who played D1 at UCSB and he coaches adults. He focuses on understanding tennis and I've been seeing week over week improvement with him.
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    Fixing my volley

    On volleys, my coach recently told me that my shoulders move too much and I want to keep the body as quiet as possible. I think it's helped a lot!
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    Fixing my volley

    Was the luggage too heavy because you tried to pack three of your rackets in the same bag? ;)
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    Is there a way to practice forehand stroke alone?

    Sometimes I just go outside in the middle of the night and shadow swing a few hundred times because it feels good. I like the feeling of my hips turning smoothly into my shoulder.
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    Why the most weird looking FH is actually the most natural

    Yo I don't understand 90% of the nonsense that comes out of this board. You're looking at the wrong things at his stroke and giving a bunch of made up names to something that's already well understood.
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    Why the most weird looking FH is actually the most natural

    What's weird about this forehand? All of the fundamentals are there.
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    Feedback on how to stop these tournament double faults

    When I practice serves I warm up by making myself hit 10/10 serves in a row. These can be patty cake, snowballs, cupcakes, however soft you want to hit it, you just have to keep hitting serves until you get 10/10. If you miss one, you go back to zero. When I feel warmed up, I'll practice the...
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    Fremont, CA Bay Area Slaps

    Howdy y'all, The drill clinic is open for business again and I've been consistently playing for the last 2 months injury free. I'm back from a long hiatus thanks to engineering studies and in addition to being physically/mentally fresh, I think I'm actually playing better now than I was a year...
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    Full bed Kevlar at low tension?

    Cutting it is actually my worst problem! Go figure, no nail cutters, scissors, or clippers could get through it for me. I ended up burning the section I wanted to cut with a match so that it would be more brittle. Maybe I just have no talent for stringing.
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    Full bed Kevlar at low tension?

    I hate Kevlar and it's the worst parts of every string that exists. Also a pain in your urethra as a stringer.
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    Normal for winner to get fresh can of balls from loser?

    I've heard of this one, however, amongst friends usually there's fighting to use your own can and your buddy can save theirs for next time. Being gracious and all.
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    Please Critique my Groundstrokes :D

    I suggest trying to hit 100 balls in a row each, for a total of 200 shots in a rally as your first milestone. Try to get the ball to land dead in the middle of the court, right on the T, and don't let it bounce more than once before you hit it. Very very important.
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    TTW Current Top 10: I Ain’t Afraid of Ya List

    Shroud is a joy to hit with, he loves tennis so much that it rubs off on you from 78' away.
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    TTW Current Top 10

    I guarantee you feddaddy would **** on me, that guy hits so smooth and I wanted to hit like him the very first day I ever watched him play.