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    Felix Auger-Aliassime

    I was backing him today. Not a fan of tsisipas yet, mainly due to his personality.
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    What masters titles is Nadal missing?

    Genuine question if anyone knows the answer please
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    Peak Stanislas Wawrinka is the only player who can beat peak Novak Djokovic today?

    I agree. His movement is unlikely good enough now to beat Djoko
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    Anyone else as excited as me for both AO finals?

    Yep super psyched for this. Im so grateful that these two titans will give us another epic encounter. If its anything like the Wimbledon 2018 semi's then it will no doubt go down as one of maybe the best finals in the history of the sport
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    Did Carreno Busta increase his popularity by melting down today?

    I think it's brilliant. Good to see some genuine emotion on court
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    De Minaur has never beaten a top 20 player

    I'm starting to think it won't be enough
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    Fed Sweats Now. Is it Uniqlo's Fautl?

    I don't think he can win a Slam wearing that. Not sure it's possible
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    Federer owning nadal now?

    However HC is the middle ground so kudos to Fedr
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    Nobody Brought Balls

    Yep you did the right thing. Hopefully the long drive home will give him some time to reflect on his behaviour
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    Nobody Brought Balls

    I feel your pain. I tended to play with new members often at my club but then decided to stop after being the only one to EVER bring balls. Do these people even think????