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    They were so cute together but - USPS:(

    The racquet I purchased from you arrived today, via USPS, and in fine condition. It does not appear as though an attempt to fold my racquet in half was made. :-D
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    Kneissl stencil?

    Gratis, for you, buddy... if you can deal with one made of thin cardboard, using my ancient plastic one as a pattern.
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    Kneissl stencil?

    I can make one for you. Email your address to me again, please, and I’ll see if I can make one in my workshop in the next couple of weeks.
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    Tennix “Pro Staff”? What is this?

    Quite right; also Marie Peers.
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    Tennix “Pro Staff”? What is this?

    Racquet of choice for Pat Sempris, Stephen Eggberg, and Kris Invert.
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Well done, and well articulated, @racquet Crazy! We all should tune into that “little voice” of the heart... Got your PM; will write soon! :-)
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    Fischer Twin Tec

    Congrats on an excellent addition! I can’t take any special credit for obtaining this Twin Tec blank—one of our forum colleagues, based in Austria, obtained it recently from an ex-Fischer tennis employee, and thoughtfully offered it to me for my collection. Being a tennis player, collector of...
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    Fischer Twin Tec

    One of the Fischer project managers, who also covered (pro) player development in the time span when these racquets were developed, was a personal friend of mine, and I wish that I had thought about asking him about the backstory of these original Twin Tecs (Fischer resurrected the model name in...
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    Fischer Twin Tec

    Classic Racquet Talk forum regulars will probably recognize me as an enthusiast of Austrian-made racquets of the 1980’s. Quite right, having used Kneissl, Head, and finally Fischer frames in competition play between 1985 and 1993. My association with the Fischer brand began in 1991, which...
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    Question about racquet string pattern - Snauwaert Hi-Ten 30

    Well, not 6m x 8c, I can tell you that much! Yes, absolutely! I tried hitting with it, it was comically awful—the ball NEVER went even remotely where you thought it might, and realistically, one had absolutely nothing but random chance that you might return a ball in court! I gave it to a...
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    Question about racquet string pattern - Snauwaert Hi-Ten 30

    Great question. A few years ago, while extremely bored, I explored this topic, and posted my observations and results at
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    I'm Racketoholic, please help!!!

    Oh dear. Hope you have a safe place to land at, @Sanglier ! You certainly can store your portable collection in my basement for a while, if needed—I’m a scant two hour drive to your east.
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    Head Elite Pro

    Hahahaha! Well, although I am the same age as AA, what you see in that archive photo of me is about as crazy as my style ever got. The overgrip was a Gripsy, strings were red Prince topspin—nice guess! The butt cap just had the stock silver Head sticker on it, though I typically added another...
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    Slazenger silhoutte 105?

    I remember the 95, which I believe was used by Aranxta Sanchez-Vicario and was a pretty decent hit, but I don’t remember a 105.