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    I am at a crossroads: Fischer M Speed SL string change after 15 years

    1991 Vacuum Elliptic midplus.
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    Sporting good stores 80s and 90s?

    In my experience, most if not all of the “mom and pop” pro shops I saw in the 80’s and 90’s had Demo racquets... chain stores usually did not.
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    Sporting good stores 80s and 90s?

    The Big 5 chain was owned by the same holding company that owned FTM Sports, maker of Fox racquets...
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    Can anyone tell me the last proper Adidas racket made before they gave up (for the 1st time)

    That looks like the same mold as some of the Delta series, French made, circa 1989. The NTP series of frames came after. You’re correct, adidas stopped making tennis racquets around 1992; it wasn’t until they marketed a fairly unremarkable line of Chinese-made “catalog” frames (named after the...
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    Head Elite Pro

    Did someone say, “Head Elite Pro?!” I have had success taking ordinary black full-length TK52 CAPs, as well as later, clear ones used on the MG series of 18x20 Prestige mid, and trimming the “skids” off of the portion that the frame was not designed to receive. There’s an obvious notch in the...
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    Sporting good stores 80s and 90s?

    Growing up in Northern California in the 1980’s, the two chain stores that I lurked in were Big 5, and later, Copeland’s. A highlight of getting the Sunday newspaper (remember those?!) was the full-color, multi-page Big 5 ad, which used to show several different models of racquets on sale that...
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    Wilson tempest and Wilson javelin large head?

    I believe the Galaxy was their first graphite oversized frame, and the Cobra was their first aluminum oversize. The Javelin dated from around 1983, IIRC.
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    Evert Wilson 85 racquet

    I am suspicious that this model was a downmarket SMU for “big box” stores, circa 1987, and was a repaint of the Reflex or Graphite Matrix, with a mold that differed a bit from that of the Pro Staff / JK Staff / Ceramic 85’s in having a shorter open area above the grip.
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    Fake puma Becker racket

    Looks like it’s in between the head size of the Becker / G. Vilas Winner and the Top Speed (Slobodan Zivojinovic) models.
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    Twisted hairpin/grip on solid hitting

    Nope, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.
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    I am at a crossroads: Fischer M Speed SL string change after 15 years

    Fischer racquets - especially the Austrian-made models produced between 1990 and 1993 - are really something special when strung with a full bed of either natural gut or a gut-like multifilament string at 55 pounds.
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    Twisted hairpin/grip on solid hitting

    Those have medium-density polyurethane foam pallets beneath the grip, two halves that are bonded to the graphite composite frame “hairpin” beneath. They are replaceable by knowledgeable racquet technicians. Perhaps someone less knowledgeable or experienced worked on the pallets of your racquet...
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    Has anyone here put a poly string in an aluminium/metal frame?

    Leo 66, in ropey 15L, was my go-to string through my junior years, in my White Star Pro Masters... a great setup for hitting laser-flat forehands very hard. Also, a surprisingly good string to get the most out of the legendary Yamaha Secret 04 without irreparable damage to the wallet, elbow, or...
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    Twisted hairpin/grip on solid hitting

    Is it a Prestige Tour? What model Prestige mid is it, exactly?
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    1990s racquets - Wilson Sting and Head Satellite Tour, were these any good??

    That particular Sting was a fairly downmarket model, sold mostly from chain discount stores (like Walmart) in the 1990’s. The Satellite Tour was a pro-level racquet, not sold at chain discount stores!