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    My mizuno ivan lendl type R

    Cheers D ;)
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    Nike RF Clothes 2015 Wanted

    Found a few items for French Open 2015 and some Volt Vapor 9.5 Tours similar to the Aus Open 2015.ones. I am still looking for: The Indian Wells 2015 orange crew shirt and grey shorts in size L, I have them in M so could trade: shirt code: 677936-803, shorts code 644743-076. Thanks
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    Wanted: Slazenger and Donnay frames

    Sent you an email re. the Donnay. Thanks
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    Nike RF Clothes 2015 Wanted

    Hi, I am looking to complete some sets of RF clothing/shoes from the 2015 season if anyone has any to sell please. Specifically I am looking for: Nike RF N98 Jacket from Indian Wells: grey mist orange trim size M code 644780-076 (also the matching shirt and shorts in size L, I have it in M...
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    My mizuno ivan lendl type R

    Likewise, anyone know the difference between the Type R and Type S models? Thanks
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    [Wanted] Nike Shorts

    Emailed you. Thanks
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    Wanted: Head Prestige classic 600. 3/8 or 1/2 condition 8+/10

    Just sent you a PM, sadly just sold a load of Black Prestige Mid grommets (may get more coming in but not sure) but have some PC600s in size 3 that might interest you.
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    What is/are your GOAT racquet(s)?

    Too many to list, but I think the Fischer Vacuum Pro Mid (90) Made in Austria are the G.O.A.T, amazing one piece vacuum moulded frame, exemplary feel, control, maneuverability and flex :). If you've never hit with one I'd recommend doing so.
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    Wanted: 2016 RF97 with below spec sw 4 1/8 grip

    Hey, my RF97s (all generations) are 4 1/8 and below spec for weight and sw. I have 8 with unstrung weights of around 333g-337g, swingweights unstrung between 286-293 and balance points 30.1-30.8cm. Let me know if you're still looking or interested in a trade. Thanks
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    Wanted: Wilson ProStaff RF97 4 1/8 grip

    Sent you an email in case you're still looking. Thanks
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    Wanted: Black RF97 4 1/8

    I've emailed you as I have a few of these frames in 4 1/8. Thanks
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    Head i.prestige MP grommets

    I had the same experience, bought 3 sets of LM Presitge MP grommets and what's arrived is i.Prestige MP grommets.
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    WTB: Vapor Tour 9.5 US size 10.5 colour code: 700 or 701 (Volt)

    Hi, Looking for these Vapors in a US size 10.5 (EUR 44.5, UK 9.5) and Volt code 700 or ideally 701 To go with my RF Aus Open 2015 outfit Looking for allcourt outsole, not clay versions Thanks (UK based but will buy from anywhere!)
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    Head Atlantis 660 and Head Polaris 660

    Thanks, will try to pick an old Genesis 660 in 4 1/4 to remove it's pallet and butt cap and see if I can fit it on one of my Prestige Classic 600s.